Chasing the dream

Recently, I have been thinking about a question. Why do we humans need the support and encouragement of our dreams, why do we humans pass by in the vast sea of ​​people, or become familiar families and become very important in our lives? Partner, I think everything about this is telling us that our life is complete and it is the constant encouragement and impact of our dreams.

I want to tell you something about me. Maybe you think that my literary talent is very good. I can publish nearly 100 articles on the 99 composition online. Sometimes I am also asking myself, who I am writing for. What do I have to write, why I am so particularly eager to be a writer, and as time goes by, I gradually find the answer.

Because I know that only when I put my dreams into reality and put my dreams into action, we will feel the value of life. I want to share my daily life for you. I am a very persevering person. People, for me, as long as it is what I believe, I will continue to do it. I don’t care how others evaluate me, but in my opinion, I am a very patient person, I know our life. The world is full of hardships and difficulties, but I am willing to persevere. I am willing to believe that the goodness of the world still exists, but we have not met yet.

This summer vacation has allowed me to complete the most meaningful thing. I believe that like many high school students, I started the mathematics replenishment class at 6-8 pm every day. At the same time, this kind of remedial course gave me a kind of mathematics. My love and cravings have never been felt for me for a long time. I don’t know why. Before, I was very repulsive to mathematics, and even gradually resisted, but I slowly discovered that the college entrance examination is a part of our hearts. A very huge threshold, this threshold blocks many people’s progress. I really know that we are all living individuals, we are eager to win, we are eager to succeed, we are eager to harvest success and others are for us. Praise and applause, but have we thought about how much tears and sweat are free and easy behind the success.

I often ask myself for a strict standard, because I feel that a perfect person is very noble and luxurious compared with a mediocre person. I know that this society is divided into three or six, etc., but I still don’t want to give up my own life. I still want to believe that in the near future, I can meet better people and meet the things that make me excited. So I kept chasing my dreams.

I know that every thing that makes me feel very happy is that my dream is approaching step by step from me, including my article on our local newspaper, including the rising of the sunset every day, gradually falling, Some of the memories of childhood may seem very precious in our minds, but I know that I am willing to believe that we still have a lot of good things.

I know that our pursuit of dreams is a bit fragile and difficult, but we can still take the pace of our progress, we are eager, we are yearning, we are embarrassed, we are willing to fight for and strive to win The final victory, because I know, our dreams have not been completed, our mission has not been reached, our final has not yet arrived, and our final is not yet.

Therefore, I hope that everyone will not stop chasing the dreams, we are all fresh dream catchers, bravely march forward for the dream!

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