Mother love is like a song

I dreamt about my mother last night. My mother still wore a plain and clean floral dress. Her face was still a kind smile. Standing at the door of the house, I saw my mother far away, so I shouted and shouted at my mother… I woke up. There seems to be a song in the ear that echoes “Mom’s kiss, sweet kiss…” At this point, I have already burst into tears.

Mother love is like a song. My mother’s deep love, long distance makes me miss it today! Mother love is the word of encouragement. Once, my math didn’t test well. When I was shocked and ran home with my transcript, my father gave me a slap in the face. My mother looked at my tears and said with affection: “Children Don’t be discouraged, take a good test next time.” At night, when I was reviewing my homework, my mother sat with my fan and sat next to me. After watching my homework silently, I reached out and touched my head, saying with distress: Child, tired, take a break!”

Maternal love is the happy smile. When I was playing with my mother, I used my little hands to hold my mother’s neck tightly. The childish voice screamed sweetly: “Mom,” then kissed the mother’s ruddy face, and the mother was happy. Hold me with my hands, caress my little face with my hands, kindly and happy motherly love is the fascinating milk in the memory. I was in the warm and powerful embrace of my mother, smelling the milk from my mother. Fragrant, greedily sucking the mother’s sweet milk, listening to the mother gently licking the melodious lullaby, and then sweetly sleeping my toddler’s hands. My mother’s powerful hands always lifted me up when I fell, and she helped me step by step, until I could independently take the most solid first step in my life.

Maternal love is the tough figure. I remember the unexpectedly cold that winter. I came home from school and saw my mother sitting on the balcony, bending over, and the red-hot hands were rubbing clothes on the washboard. The big drops of sweat on my forehead rolled down. Come, I cried and cried: “Mom-“. Teardrops quickly filled my eyes. Maternal love is the warm cotton socks in the snow. That day, I was in class in the classroom. I had a big snow on the outside. I felt cold and biting on my feet. I suddenly saw my mother looking outside the classroom. I went out and saw my mother’s face flushed with red, and the body was covered with snowflakes. The mother said: “Know that you are the most afraid of cold, so give you a pair of socks, put on.” When I took the cotton socks in my mother’s hands, I still remember that she still had her body temperature.

Maternal love is the deliciousness of the New Year. Whenever the New Year is over, the mother gets up and wraps in the morning. When we wake up, the buns are premature, one by one, and the steamer is full. The best thing to do is to count fried candy. In the evening, the family sat around the fire, the mother burned a pot of oil, and then put a strip of glutinous rice flour into the oil pan to fry. At this time, I secretly pinched a rabbit, a puppy, or something. The pot was fried together, and when it was fried to golden brown, it was fished out. I always grab one to eat first. The mother saw it and said, “Be careful!”

When I grow up, that thick mother love makes me never forget. When I joined the army, I cut off my long hair, dressed in olive green uniform, and came to the mother’s grave. My heart silently said to my mother: Mother, daughter will leave you today, I hope you will treasure it! On the day of joining the army, when I was about to board the bus, I looked back at the opposite mountain—the mother stayed there forever. Mother, if you know under Jiuquan, you can see that the daughter is dressed in an armor and wearing a big red flower on her chest. In the sound of the drums and joys, with the affection of the villagers, I firmly set foot on this military. road. Mother, if you are still alive today, how happy you are to see your daughter!

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