Rural daughter-in-law

At 6:30 a.m. in the early morning, Li Changjing sat on the bed of the Autumn Moon dormitory.
The autumn moon is brushing her teeth in the water room with an enamel teapot. The iron-mouthed flower in the dormitory is covered with eye droppings and hair. She has a basin in her waist. She rushes in with a towel on her shoulder and says to the autumn moon, “Your man is here, waiting for you.” “What?” The Autumn Moon shrank for a moment. “So early, what happened?” Autumn Moon rushed to the dormitory with a set of toiletries in her face.
The autumn month’s bedding hasn’t folded yet, and the heat stored overnight is not expected to disappear. Changjing sits on her buttocks and looks at her. “What are you doing here so early in the morning?” Asked the autumn moon. From Changjing’s school to the Research Institute in autumn and month, Changjing walks for at least an hour. It’s nothing urgent. Changjing won’t be romantic until early morning to sing love songs.
“Autumn Moon, let’s get married!” Chang Jing bowed his head and talked to himself. He didn’t even have the courage to look up at the autumn moon, just like reciting the morning exam all night.
“I… I…… I haven’t thought about it! Let me see. You can’t just say it’s over. You’re not prepared for anything. It’s a big deal, for better or for worse. The autumn moon stammered, “No hurry, no hurry.” Autumn Moon holds its ground first.
“Hurry!” Changjing suddenly stood up and grabbed the clothes of the autumn moon, pulling them hard. “Chairman Mao instructed intellectuals to go to the countryside for re-education. Medical schools have moved to the countryside to send doctors to the countryside. Our school will go down soon. I got the news yesterday. I don’t know when I’ll be back. Let’s get the certificate first, I think! ” Suddenly, the autumn moon had no idea. She said in her mouth, “I, I, I’m not ready for anything. How can you finish it?”
“What do you say you want to prepare? You say so.”
“Here, here, here, there must be pots and ladles? Do they have to have at least one box for their stuff? You can’t spread it all over the floor. Where to live? We don’t even have decent clothes. Do we have to get married?
Chang Jing laughed. He took the words of the autumn moon as tacit consent. He said with certainty, “I’ll take the house. Now there are many empty houses in the school. Old teachers are sent to the countryside. It should be easy to get one.” I’ll go and buy the suitcase. You can buy your own clothes. I can wear them. I’m going to the countryside soon, and I can’t wear any good clothes. Don’t worry about me.”
Changjing was so happy that he rushed out quickly. In autumn, he chased several steps and found that the back of Changjing was not very high. It was a rare joy. The thin figure was very energetic.
After receiving the certificate, he painted the small house. Changjing took the students to the countryside in time to wash the white lime water on his head.
The autumn moon looks around the 13-square house. At the innermost corner is a bare brown double bed, beside which is a brand-new man-made leather box. No table, no stool, no wardrobe, no light on the roof, no light, nothing, but it seems that the 13 square house is empty and open.
Open the box, there is a 6-inch aluminum pot, a stack of red books.
This is all Changjing left for the autumn month.
Autumn moon circled around the house, I really can’t think of the reason for staying here. I want to think about the political study in the Institute every night. I pat the dust on my body, take the door, and go away.
For the autumn month, there is no big difference between getting married and not getting married. She was still living in a dormitory as well as in correspondence with Changjing. Many of her letters were just a piece of red paper, plus a so-called home that she had never lived in.
Marriage is a prudent thing. Decades later in autumn and moon, we concluded that we must not accept any man’s sweet words in the early morning when our minds are still awake. This kind of thorough understanding can not be comprehended without years of experience and torture.
Autumn Moon first realized that she was married. It was her uncle who came to the factory gate to ask for living expenses. “You ask your sister-in-law for the cost of living this month. I can’t come back to the countryside.” Chang Jing went to the countryside after he was told by his eldest brother who was studying in university.
Autumn moon is not the first time to see Uncle Sier, just know Changjing soon, Sir and Changjing have met his sister-in-law. The four sons in the eyes of autumn moon are quite different from Changjing, unlike a mother and brother. Changjingxue is white and clean, delicate and weak. At first glance, it looks like a scholar, while at the fourth place, it looks like a black tower. Although it is also a university student in a provincial city, it looks more like a farmer.
“Sister-in-law, my brother asked me to take care of your living expenses.”
“How much?” The autumn moon was shocked. I didn’t hear Changjing talk about it. But there was a smile on his face.
The autumn moon turned over the drawer, counted 25 pieces back and forth three times, and handed them to my uncle. In fact, do not count, take down three pieces, the rest is 25.
In autumn and next month, we will live on these three pieces. “In the evening I have to write and ask him. Why go out for a month’s salary before you get married? Fortunately, after working for so many years in autumn, there are still some savings, which can be dealt with completely this month.
Autumn is not yet ready to send the letter. The husband’s letter arrived first. “I forgot to tell you I’m not here. Please give my brother 25 for this month’s living expenses first, and I’ll return it to you. If I can’t come back next month, you can give me another month and cut off his living expenses. Also, the box at home was bought by me with the money of Mr. Xu. It’s 27 yuan and 5 yuan. If you have it, you should return it first. It’s not urgent to return it slowly without me.
The Autumn Moon jumped up from the bench and knocked over the big teapot on the table. It’s not urgent yet! How can we chop first and then play? I knew I didn’t mention the box. As soon as I passed the door, I was in debt. Wouldn’t you just add a couple of books to a milk pot? Which is worth 27 yuan and five?
Autumn Moon married Changjing, which was really a big deal for Dad.
When the introducer asked for the conditions, Qiuyue thought about it and said that the political conditions were good. I couldn’t fight with him all day. I couldn’t stand the movement coming and going. Autumn Moon’s own family is an old Red Army origin, the root is seedling red, particular attention to origin, afraid of being dragged behind. Of course, the older girl in her twenties is a little simpler in her thinking, and the deepest understanding of the meaning of dragging her feet is criticism. Later, I learned that the lag and matching sales are exactly the same, not only a piece of fat with a lean meat form, but also prize-winning sales, buy one-for-one, lucky raffle, and many other implied ways, but the matcher did not realize it.
The introducer patted his chest and said, “That’s all right!” I’ll take this in my own pocket! Authentic three generations of poor people! I am still a party member, that is, there are more brothers and sisters in my family, but there are many busy people. How many people can do things well, don’t you say? “How much?” The autumn moon has a long heart and asked a question. “Eight. They’re all grown-ups. They don’t have any burdens. Introductory said. “Then I have to write and ask my parents. You’d better show me his family members’and social relations tables. I’d better tell my parents about it, too! ___.
When the introducer handed the manuscript to Autumn Moon, the head of Autumn Moon exploded. The densely packed small letters of pens have been arranged from the father to the generation of Sun. Autumn Moon had to check carefully whether the man had a mixed marriage history. After several sisters together for an hour of strict verification, it is true that they are unmarried, and more fortunate, the eldest brother’s grandchildren have. “Hee-hee, you’re a grandmother’s man when you talk about success!” The ladies and sisters play with the autumn moon.
Autumn month will send the family history of the other party directly to the father who is the dean of the local committee hospital. He will attach two words to it. Is that possible?
My father’s letter was soon answered, sprinkled with several pieces of paper, with clear arguments and sufficient arguments. It means that my daughter should not worry about this man, who is a university teacher, has a stable job, will not be turbulent in the future, and is also a party member, which shows that politics is too hard. Teach the right person first, a university teacher, morality will not be bad to go anywhere. This is the most important. As for relatives and brothers in the family, none of them jumped out of the crack in the stone, each with three relatives. If a person does not even want his parents, brothers and sisters are not concerned, it is not what can be entrusted to people, it is difficult to imagine that you are sincere. I look at this pedestrian.
Autumn Moon, with her trust in her father, has embarked on a long journey.

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