Learn to solve problems yourself

When I was in high school, the sports department of our school came to a unique decision. It was decided to draw some sports talents from the female classmates in each class and organize the women’s soccer team in the class.

When I heard the news, I really felt very fresh. The women’s football team should know that the words and concepts are quite unusual. Generally, boys love to play football, and girls have a few who are willing to play football!

And the important task of setting up a women’s football team is also on the class monitors. This is a difficult time for me to be a high school class leader.

Since my work has been abruptly busy since I received this notice, I have to call on our classmates to be active in their spare time and to participate in this meaningful event.

However, when I officially issued a call to the female students, almost all of the students heard the same thing as shaking the head with the rattle, and some even yelled directly after hearing it. The voice of understanding: “Ah, let me play football, I don’t want to do it, I have to review my homework!” Some people don’t understand why the school organized women to play football, so they asked me: “Why? Our girls should Wen Wen is quiet, why are you going to participate in such intense sports!”

Some also said: “The sport is too fierce, too fierce, and it is incredible to listen.”


In short, there is nothing to say, that is, there is no active registration, I am in a hurry, seeing that the registration deadline set by the school is coming, but our class, in addition to myself, has not registered.

This is how to do ah?

I broke down, so I told this to my mother. After listening to it, my mother thought about it and then gave me an idea without hesitation: “Can you react this matter to the school sports department? Let the school sports department say this way. If you take the initiative to participate in the women’s football team and show outstanding performance in the competition, you will add points when you take the university. In this way, I believe that after hearing the news, the students will rush to sign up. Because it involves the problem of taking extra points in college.”

After listening to it, I couldn’t help but shook my head: “This can’t be done. This is the act of falsely preaching the sacred decree. I can’t do it.”

So, my mother didn’t get the answer. I told my class teacher, the teacher of the class teacher, Zhang, who was very gentle. After listening to my troubles, I immediately held a class meeting. The class was hosted by me. The teacher in charge of the class made an important speech.

The teacher said: “Recently, female students are not willing to participate in the women’s soccer team. This kind of behavior is wrong. Imagine that a class calls for an activity. If no one participates, then in an objective sense, the class 岂It’s not a loose sand. Many female classmates in our class are top-notch in learning, but they seem to be afraid of the football team’s sport. They are all high and have nothing to do with them. Imagine, Light learning is good, and health is zero. In the future, the country does not need such people. Our country needs talents with all-round development in morality, intelligence, and beauty. Therefore, we must not only learn well, but also actively participate in sports. It is said that all activities must be actively participated.”

In the end, it was still effective for the teacher to speak. After the class ended, the teacher’s words woke up the minds of many female students. Everyone rushed to sign up and my work was easily completed.

Afterwards, I found the head teacher with a happy smile and thanked the dear teacher. The teacher said: “In fact, as a squad leader, just open the brain, these words and these truths can also be said, and later When you have a problem, try to solve it yourself. Do you know?”

“Yeah.” I nodded thoughtfully, yeah, the teacher asked me to be the squad leader. I was cultivating me intently and cultivating my abilities in all aspects, instead of letting me find her when I had problems. . If so, what should the squad leader use?

Therefore, after passing this incident, every time I encounter big and small problems, I try my best to find a way to solve problems and solve problems. It’s no easy to go to my mother or the teacher.

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