11 year old boy died at home

Overseas network, February 20 (Xinhua) according to a number of US media reports, an 11 year old healthy boy was found dead in bed at home when Texas suffered a historic cold current. At that time, the house could not be heated due to power failure.
According to the New York Post and other media reports on the 19th, the boy named Christian Peneda was found dead in his bed at home on the 15th, sleeping with a pile of blankets. When his family tried to wake him up on the 16th, they found no response. Christian’s mother said the mobile home they lived in had a power outage when the temperature dropped to single digits.
The local government is investigating whether Christian died of hypothermia. Local police spokesman Smith said in an interview that Christian’s body was autopsied on the 18th, but it will take several weeks to determine the cause of death. “He used to be a healthy kid,” Smith said.
This week, a devastating storm cut power to more than four million people in Texas and affected neighboring states. According to the Washington Post, at least 47 people died in the cold snap. Some people are thought to have died from cold or indoor fires, and others from carbon monoxide poisoning.