Family five-flavor bottle

The family is a five-flavored bottle filled with sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. As the saying goes, the home is a harbor of people. Every day in the harbor is undulating. Every day, there is a taste for you to pay. It is this kind of day that allows us to grow up slowly and slowly understand things. No, I will give you a list of my family!


Today, the little cousin who has not come for a long time comes to our house to play, my mother can be happy, everything depends on him, even the most favorite I ignore. What the cousin wants, what the mother gives, even the broken bowl is not angry, if I break it, it must be overwhelmed by my mother. I was very embarrassed, very angry, and slammed back into the room. “pa” slammed into the chair, followed by Dad and came in and said: “Whoever’s vinegar jar has turned, so sour!” I said inexplicably “What?” Dad came to me and said in a sly voice: “Well, the cousin is small and doesn’t often go to our house to play. Today, my mother cares about what he has to do with him! Don’t be angry.” Dad went out in a slow pace. I meditated for a while, my father said it makes sense. My cousin doesn’t come to our house often. It’s not impossible to care about it slowly. I turned to think again: a rare cousin came to my house, and I should be warm and entertained. Thinking about it, I ran and played with the little cousin. Although I had a bit of “sour” taste, we were very happy.


I got up in the morning and I found that my mother was still not up. I wondered inexplicably: I usually get up early to make breakfast for me, why didn’t I wake up today? Curiosity drove me to open the door of my mother’s house, I saw my mother was sleeping, and then walked a few more steps. Before going to the mother’s bed, she looked pale and touched her forehead. “Ah! It’s really hot.” ​​I couldn’t help but shout. At this moment, my mother was woken up by me and quickly said, “Yes, I I haven’t made breakfast yet! I will go now.” I quickly said: “Mom, you are sick, don’t get out of bed, let me do it! Anyway, it is Sunday, it doesn’t matter.” Mother hesitated. “Don’t believe me.” “Cooking?” I said, my mother said, “That’s alright.” After I helped my mother to lie down, I went to prepare breakfast. After a while, breakfast would be fine. I quickly took my mother out of bed and sat in a chair. My mother began to taste the breakfast I had made – porridge, bread, milk, and omelettes. Mother said while eating: “Our family’s daughter has grown up and can take care of her mother.” I listened to this sentence, and my heart was as sweet as eating honey.


It’s really hard these days! It’s really bitter! The final exam is fast, the parents are tight, dictation, do the test papers, work overtime until 9 o’clock in the evening, there is no time to play, I don’t let me gasp, I admire those birds. The blue sky is free to fly. If I am like a bird, how good it is!


On Sunday, because my little friend asked me to go out to play, I couldn’t give up, I played crazy for a day, didn’t write a little homework, and my mother came back at night, seeing me not moving, a loud slap on my face. The face suddenly felt hot and there were 5 fingers on the face, but the 5 fingers were not printed on my face, but in my heart. Since then, I have never played homework anymore.


These days, my mom and dad have been different. There is no dad’s humorous joke at the dinner table. There is no smile from the mother. There is nothing angry at the dinner table. Some are just gorging. Going to play on Sunday, Dad and Mom didn’t have a smile from beginning to end, and they didn’t get excited too much.

In fact, it is not just our family, so the family is like this. Life is not happy every day, nor is it trouble every day. It means that this “good” will become “bad” and “bad” will change. Good life, let us grow up, be sensible, let us hone, let us fight, let us grow.

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