Secretary of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

On January 21, Jiyuan held a meeting of leading cadres and announced the decision of Henan provincial Party committee: Comrade Shi Bingrui will be appointed member and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiyuan industrial city integration demonstration zone, member, standing committee and Secretary of the CPC Jiyuan Municipal Committee; Comrade Zhang Zhanwei will be removed from the post of secretary, standing committee and member of the Party Working Committee of Jiyuan industrial city integration demonstration zone, and secretary, standing committee and member of the CPC Jiyuan Municipal Committee.
Previously, Zhang Zhanwei received public attention for “slapping the Secretary General of the municipal government”. According to a report article on the Internet, on the morning of November 11, 2020, Zhang Zhanwei yelled at “Zhai WD”, the Secretary General of Jiyuan municipal government, who was eating here. Zhai WD tried to explain, but he was “slapped in the face” by Zhang Zhanwei. At present, the relevant departments in Henan Province are investigating the incident in depth.
The investigation results need to be announced by authoritative departments. However, no matter what the results are, Zhang Zhanwei’s slapping his subordinates in public, if it is true, will never conform to the image of a leading cadre. It not only lacks the most basic respect for the subordinates’ personality, but also has serious problems in personal moral cultivation. It also reflects that playing official power and overbearing style are not allowed.
Don’t be self willed when you have power, and be upright when you are in politics. Leading cadres should take this as a warning. No matter how high or low their positions are, no matter what occasions they are in, they must respect discipline and law, strictly restrict their words and deeds, strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, maintain a good style of work, and care for their comrades. Party organizations and discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels should strengthen supervision over the “top leaders”, strictly govern officials, seriously investigate and punish cadres with improper work style and violations of discipline and law, and urge party members and cadres to be strict in self-cultivation, power utilization and self-discipline, and be practical in planning, Entrepreneurship and conduct.