How to spend the Spring Festival this year

As of 10:00 on the 4th, a total of 45 areas across the country have been adjusted to medium risk areas. Shunyi District of Beijing and Shijiazhuang city of Hebei Province entered the “wartime state”, and Dalian appeared the phenomenon of super communication. At present, China’s local epidemic situation is sporadic and local aggregation, and the prevention and control situation is severe and complex.
In this context, how to keep the safety of the festival? Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control system was released recently by the comprehensive defense and control mechanism group of the State Council, and the family members’ private party dinner was controlled under 10 people. More than 50 people should develop a prevention and control plan to implement the new crowns vaccine task before the Spring Festival in 2021.
It is suggested that family private gatherings and dinners should be limited to less than 10 people
A few days ago, a certain case in Dalian participated in 11 family gatherings when it did not occur, causing all other people to be infected later. He Qinghua, a first-class inspector of the disease control and Prevention Bureau of the National Health Commission, said that family private gatherings and dinners should be limited to less than 10 people, and personal protection should be done well. People with cough, fever and other symptoms should not participate.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control system was released in 2021 by the comprehensive unit of the State Council joint defense and joint control mechanism. It is advocated to hold online meetings or video conferences as far as possible. More than 50 people should develop prevention and control programs and strictly implement relevant preventive measures. The novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine is completed before the Spring Festival.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention committee has already issued the relevant guidelines for prevention and control of new crown pneumonia in key places, key units and key groups in the epidemic prevention and control of the catering industry. It has also made clear requests for epidemic prevention and control measures including catering industry, with special emphasis on the implementation of the “five requirements” at all levels, including restaurants, namely, epidemic prevention and control. There should be a prevention and control management system and responsible person, an appropriate amount of protective materials reserve, guidance and support from local medical and health forces, as well as measures for isolation places and transport arrangements.
No outbound travel is necessary
During the festival, the public’s willingness to travel began to increase. In this regard, Liu Kezhi, director of the market management department of the Ministry of culture and tourism, reminded us to reduce unnecessary travel, not to arrange outbound tourism when it is unnecessary, and not to travel to high-risk areas in China.
Liu Kezhi said that the Ministry of culture and tourism has mainly taken five measures. First, continue to temporarily not resume the business of travel agencies and online travel enterprises’ inbound and outbound team tourism and “air ticket + Hotel”. The second is to continue to promote the normalization of scenic spot booking, and realize limited, booking, and off peak visits. Third, continue to implement the “75%” policy. That is: the number of tourists in the scenic spot does not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity, the number of spectators in theatres and other performance places does not exceed 75% of the seats, and the number of consumers accepted in Internet service places, song and dance entertainment places and entertainment places does not exceed 75% of the approved number. Fourth, continue to postpone the new batch of foreign-related, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan related business performance activities (except for performers who are already in China). Fifth, continue to guide local cultural and tourism administrative departments and cultural and tourism business entities to strictly implement various prevention and control measures according to relevant epidemic prevention and control guidelines.
Personal protection should not be lax
Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiologist of CDC, said that we should continue to maintain the awareness of normalized prevention and control. It is still very important to keep ventilation, wear masks, wash hands frequently and keep social distance. Under the background of normalized prevention and control, masks are equivalent to the “standard configuration” of ordinary people. The public should always prepare masks and insist on wearing masks in crowded places and places with poor ventilation.
Liu Kezhi reminds us to arrange the itinerary reasonably during the festival. Specifically:
First, strengthen protection and travel healthily. Pay close attention to the epidemic risk situation released by local epidemic prevention and control departments, do a good job in self-protection, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and form a good habit of one meter noodles. When traveling in the park by means of transportation, consciously keep a distance with other tourists, open the distance between tables and chairs when dining, and use public spoon and chopsticks.
Second, avoid getting together and traveling off peak. Before traveling, it is necessary to know the latest epidemic prevention and control policies of the destination through authoritative channels, inquire about the opening of scenic spots and current limiting measures, especially the ticket booking, time travel and other measures, timely understand the ground traffic conditions during the journey, and reasonably plan the travel route and time. During the tour, according to the regulations of the scenic spot, you can enter the park at intervals and travel at different peaks.
Third, we should strengthen prevention and travel safely. When you join a group tour, you should choose a qualified travel agency. During self driving tour, do a good job in vehicle condition inspection, consciously abide by road traffic regulations, and drive safely and civilly. According to the individual’s age, health, psychological situation, according to their ability to participate in tourism projects.
Fourth, we should abide by order and travel in a civilized way. Consciously abide by the epidemic prevention and control system of tourist destinations and scenic spots, accept the temperature measurement, check the health code, divide the time flow, and maintain the distance requirements. We should pay attention to hygiene, refuse game, implement CD-ROM action, put an end to the waste on the tip of the tongue, consciously reduce the use of disposable items, and establish a new trend of civilized, healthy and green tourism.