Extortion and punishment for secretly photographing the chairman of the board

Yuan Liqiang, the former risk director of Guizhou Tongzi rural commercial bank, collaborated with others to secretly photograph Yu Mou, chairman of the bank and fan, the person in charge of the management, playing mahjong. Later, he blackmailed 4 million yuan with a video of two people playing mahjong.
Upstream news reporters noted that Yu and fan, who were blackmailed in the case, are still holding leading positions according to the official website of Tongzi rural commercial bank.
On December 16, Tongzi rural commercial bank office staff responded to reporters that Yu and fan are still working in the bank, and whether they will be punished for playing mahjong, the higher authorities and the regulatory authorities have not given a conclusion.
According to the official website of Tongzi rural commercial bank, the two victims still hold the posts of chairman and management of the bank. /Official website of Tongzi Rural Commercial Bank
In October 2019, Yuan Liqiang, then the risk director of Guizhou Tongzi rural commercial bank, contacted Liang Yuangao, another defendant, to discuss extorting money by secretly photographing videos of fan and others gambling. Yuan Liqiang informed Liang Yuangao of the living place of fan, who was then the head of Tongzi rural commercial bank’s management, in Tongzi County. Liang Yuangao went to fan’s residence for observation and took pictures of the door and sent them to Yuan Liqiang for confirmation. Liang Yuangao also purchased shooting equipment. After learning from Yuan Liqiang about fan’s work and rest time, he took advantage of fan’s absence and sneaked into the room to install the shooting equipment.
Fan Gao will take the equipment again in January 2020. Liang Yuangao and Yuan Liqiang checked the video taken secretly and found that there were videos of fan and Yu playing mahjong as chairman of Tongzi rural commercial bank. After discussion, Yuan Liqiang and Liang Yuangao sent short messages to Yu and fan, threatening to send mahjong video to the superior units of Tongzi agricultural commercial bank, the CBRC and major websites, demanding 4 million yuan from them. The threatened fan then called the police, and the public security organs arrested yuan Liqiang and Liang Yuangao.
Upstream news reporters found that Yuan Liqiang and Liang Yuangao made clear confessions during the investigation. They originally planned to blackmail Yu and fan for 6.5 million yuan, which was reduced to 4 million yuan after discussion. The two sent photos of Yu and fan playing mahjong to Yu and others through SMS, but they were arrested by the public security organs before they succeeded. The testimony of Yu and fan also confirmed that they had received threatening messages and were blackmailed for 4 million yuan. Zunyi City Intermediate People’s court decided that the amount of crime determined by Tongzi County Court was clear. Yuan Liqiang and his defender’s appeal grounds that “the original judgment did not determine the amount of crime in this case” were not accepted.
Tongzi rural commercial bank, established on July 6, 2017, is restructured from the original Tongzi Association. It has 31 branches under its jurisdiction, with a registered capital of 265 million yuan. According to the bank’s previous publicity reports, Yuan Liqiang has been participating in the activities as the bank’s risk director since 2017. According to the annual report of Tongzi agricultural commercial bank in 2019, Tongzi agricultural commercial bank was fined 300000 yuan by Zunyi banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau for its loan risk, and 5 senior managers and 15 relevant responsible persons were given economic punishment. Yu, fan and Yuan Liqiang involved in the case were fined 50000 yuan, 2000 yuan and 2000 yuan respectively.