A nurse died on the roof of a building in Anhui Province

On November 15, media reports said a female nurse in Anhui died on the roof of the house of the vice president of the hospital where she worked. According to the police, vice president Deng Peng Lin resumed abortion for him. Hospital response is under investigation.
“Mr. Deng of Langxi County”, a relative of the nurse, was interviewed by the surging news. Mr. Deng said that the death of the nurse was discovered on the roof of the building by a good friend of the vice president of the hospital. The police investigated the whereabouts of the dead before the incident. On the day of the incident, she rode to the community where the vice president lived, and then she never came down again.
Xiaoxiang Morning Post reporter found a user named Deng Fubing, the father of Langxi victim. Judging from the content and release time of the microblog, the user was highly suspected of the father of the nurse in the above news report. He continuously released information about this matter on the microblog in late October.
According to the microblog posted by the user, her daughter was a nurse at the people’s Hospital of Langxi County, Anhui Province. At about 8:10 p.m. on October 14, the family learned that her daughter had died.
The family found a suicide note from her daughter, which said, “if there is a medicine for regret in the world, I don’t want to know him in my whole life. He is a quick murderer.” at the same time, there is also a statement that “I have worked very hard, and I really control myself when I get sick.”.