My Bird Watching Diary

Spring is an unusual season; spring is a season for birds to migrate; spring is a season loved by birdwatchers. In this season, every park glitters with birdwatchers, who often walk around, often pick up birdwatch glasses, take a look, and become a beautiful landscape in the park.
During this period, I went to Liuyin Park, Temple of Heaven Park, Yuanmingyuan Park and Olympic Forest Park, which are all good places for bird watching in Beijing.
The Temple of Heaven is a bird-watching spot I have visited many times. You know what? When you go to the Temple of Heaven to watch birds, you must not go to the Inner Altar, but to the Outer Altar. The so-called outer altar refers to the outermost circle of Tiantan Park where few visitors visit, where the lawn has not been artificially repaired, providing a good ecological environment for birds. Because Neitan is a real tourist attraction, after artificial pruning of trees and grasslands, the ecological environment has also been destroyed. There is no water surface in the Temple of Heaven, so you can’t see waterbirds at all, but you can see all kinds of forest birds, such as the most common sparrows, grey magpies and magpies in North China, the grey-headed green woodpeckers, big-spotted woodpeckers, blackbirds, birds, pearl-necked turtledoves flying around the treetops, as well as “ah” crows, white-headed quails and Northern birds flying off and off. Red-tailed owl, Red-flanked Blue-tailed owl, red-billed Blue Magpie visible the next day. Recently, I also found a rare raptor in the Temple of Heaven, the common twin.
Liuyin Park is a fixed-point birdwatching place for our biology class, so I often go there. But every time I go, I find something unexpected. There is a lake in Liuyin Park. We can always see the common green ducks and Mandarin ducks, and occasionally small Mandarin ducks. On the river’s awning boat, several night herons stood proudly.
Orson Park, I just finished last week. There is a large area of water in Orson Park, small tussles, green ducks and other groups. But there are too many visitors to Olsen Park. Birds are always frightened and run away. They are not suitable for bird watching. If you want to go, you must go wild. There are still many kinds of common birds, which are suitable for primary bird watchers.
Finally, it focuses on Yuanmingyuan. Yuanmingyuan has a large area of water and large forests. Waterbirds, raptors and forest birds can be seen when there are fewer people in the morning. The most common are sparrows, woodpeckers, turtledoves, crows, all kinds of cormorants, black-headed wax-billed sparrows and tin-billed sparrows. Yuanmingyuan is the most bird-watching spot. Last time I went to Yuanmingyuan, many black water birds, green ducks, mandarin ducks and black swans from Australia and Australia were added. The number of raptors has also increased, such as red-billed jays, common cockroaches and red falcons, which are relatively rare birds in Beijing.
Students, do you know why Beijing attracts so many birdwatching enthusiasts? First of all, because of the special location, there are eight bird migration routes in the world, three of which pass through Beijing, and one near Beijing, that is, nearly half of them are in Beijing, which is rarely comparable in the world. Looking at the domestic bird-watching routes, administrative divisions of Beijing are listed in the central North China region, and birds from other places can be moved to Beijing as long as they are slightly moved. Therefore, there are many kinds of birds in Beijing, such as winter, summer migratory birds and resident birds, which can show their beautiful figure in Beijing.
This is my bird-watching diary. I love bird-watching and hope that more people will fall in love with these lovely little angels – birds.

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