Boy raped by man in the street

On November 4, the reporter learned from Nanjing Xuanwu police that Mr. Wang was molested by a man on the street, which is still in the supplementary investigation stage. Mr. Wang said that at the end of September, he learned that the suspect had been released on bail, and that he was diagnosed with moderate depression by the hospital because of the great psychological shadow caused by the incident. In May 2020, Mr. Wang claimed that he had a hangover on the street and was taken to a quiet corner by a strange man for rape. After the incident, the police intervened in the investigation. Zhang Quanquan, a lawyer with Beijing Yingke (Nanjing) law firm, said that because the victim was a male, it could only be defined as compulsory indecency according to the current law. However, according to the fact that the rape was accomplished, whether the suspect was socially harmful and whether he met the conditions for obtaining bail still needs to be discussed.