The story of me and cabbage

Chinese cabbage, not the ordinary cabbage on the table, but a little pet of mine, rabbit.
Its origin is very simple. My father gave it to me. On that day, my father ran to several pet stores and didn’t buy rabbits. Then he went to his friend’s house and asked where to sell it. His friend took him to a far place and finally bought it. I danced excitedly, it was small, eyes were red, like that ruby red, body hair was very white, like snow in the snow, without any pollution.
When it first came to my house, I couldn’t help loving it. I think it’s the basic reaction of every child to get the gift he longed for. As soon as he got home, I rushed to the kitchen and took out all kinds of dishes. But I found that there were no carrots. Rabbits seemed to like carrots very much. So I told my brother to take good care of the rabbits and went to the supermarket to buy vegetables. Back home, a kind of vegetable was fed to it. There were several kinds of vegetable that it apparently did not like. After a few mouthfuls, it stopped eating. According to my observation, it liked Chinese cabbage very much, but did not like radish very much. You should know that rabbits don’t really like carrots.
In order to take good care of it, I went online to search for a series of information about rabbits. Suddenly, I think of a crucial question, this rabbit has no name, I think for a moment, it is better to call it cabbage, anyway, it likes to eat cabbage so much, and its hair is also white, cabbage is the best name for it.
Under my meticulous care, it grew up a lot in the summer vacation. It was about to start school. I went back to my hometown to go to school, but nobody took care of the cabbage here. Adults were busy and had no time to take care of it. I went to discuss with my father and took the cabbage back to my hometown in the countryside. My father agreed. Soon after, I took the cabbage down. When I first got there, the neighbor’s children knew that I was taking a rabbit home with me. So they came to my house to tease the cabbage when they had time. They envied me for having a different pet.
Grandma saw that I liked the rabbit so much, and joked with me: “No food at night, hey, let’s stew this rabbit.” Of course, I certainly disagree, even though I know she’s joking. In class, I always think about cabbage. I’m afraid Grandma stewed the cabbage while I was away. She rushed home immediately after school to see if there was anything wrong with the cabbage. When I write my homework, the accompanying of cabbage does not seem dull, as if cabbage is my motivation.
On one occasion, Grandma asked me solemnly, “How about stewing your rabbit in the New Year’s Eve?” I know she’s not kidding this time. I shook my head and said absolutely No. She said, “Then I’ll eat it while you go to school.” In those days, I was not energetic in class, thinking about cabbage all the time, and even wanted to sneak home to see cabbage, but how could this be possible? Chinese cabbage is living very well every day. I take it to the vegetable garden to play when I have time. It doesn’t mess with food either. It’s just picking some for it when I want to go home. But how could it be so peaceful? Later, Grandma said several times that she would lose or eat Chinese cabbage, or sell it. She didn’t look like a joke at all. She was serious. Of course, I disagreed. I refused very seriously, and she could not say anything.
After that, I raised a group of chickens at home, and I put cabbage in the group of chickens, and it was not bullied by them. After a few days, it grew something on its mouth, drummed, its temper was bad, it would bite, it looked like it contained something. Grandma said that she was afraid that it would die at home, unlucky, to let it go, although I still disagreed, but I wondered if it would be better after going out. They secretly let the cabbage go in the evening and told me after they came back that I wanted to find it, but how could I possibly find it? My sister said that it was in a place where there were many dishes and there were people living there. It should be adopted. Over the next few days, although very sad, but also gradually forget this matter, but someone told me, she said that someone seems to have caught a rabbit, and then roasted it, I tried to tell myself, not cabbage! Not cabbage! But why did this happen after the cabbage was released? Nobody raised rabbits in this village. Would it be so coincidental? I tried to find cabbage in those days, but I still can’t find it. Even I dream of cabbage. I dream of cabbage in a green grassland. It saw me and ran to me. But when I wake up, it’s only my loneliness and helplessness.
Up to now, I still regret why I didn’t leave it, take good care of it, until it was safe to leave, I let it go, that is, to push it directly into the abyss. Until now, I have not dared to raise rabbits, because I want to avoid recalling the story that made me regret and sad, which is also a shadow in my heart.

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