Yi Nengjing teaches Jinsha to fall in love

The 30 female stars in “the elder sister of the wind and the waves” are not only disagreements, but also cherish each other.
Zhang Yuqi introduces her boyfriend to Jinsha in the latest issue of “sister riding the wind and waves” on July 16.
The world knows that Jinsha wants to fall in love and has been single for three years.
In the eyes of LAN YingYing and Zhang Yuqi, Jinsha is gentle, kind and lovely. As a girl, she thinks Jinsha is a woman worthy of marriage.
Zhang Yuqi is no exception. Zhang Yuqi’s own emotions are not smooth. After divorce, she raised her children alone and became a single mother. However, Zhang Yuqi was never afraid to start a new relationship.
Zhang Yuqi is eager to help Jinsha introduce her boyfriend.
Even using all of their personal connections, it seems that the sisters can not only realize the dream of the women’s League, but also have the hope of getting rid of the single.
Jingjing wants to introduce Yu Kewei’s boyfriend, Zhang Meng wants to introduce Wu Xin, and now Zhang Yuqi wants to introduce Jinsha and does what she says.
It’s a pity that Zhang Yusha doesn’t want to talk to the boy.
Jinsha claims that she will take the initiative only if she likes it very much. This is the reason why she has been single for many years. The main reason is that Jinsha doesn’t know how to chat with boys. She directly shows Zhang Yuqi the chat record and asks how to reply.
Zhang Yuqi is also a silly elder sister. She doesn’t know the routine of male chatting.
At this time, Yi Nengjing should be on the stage. In the eyes of girls, Yi Nengjing loves to cry and express her love. However, in the eyes of boys, Yi Nengjing is more worthy of protection.
The other side told Jinsha that she was working, and Jinsha replied that she was practicing dancing. After that, there was no following.
Watching Yi Nengjing teach “reserved” chatting, most boys are used.
Yi Nengjing teaches Jinsha to reply with two words “tired”
And not much, to be reserved, just reply two words, then the topic will be transferred to boys, Yi Nengjing frankly said that this is the flow of emotion.
Judging from the way Yi Nengjing communicates with boys, it’s no wonder that she can marry Qin Hao. She is older than Qin Hao and has children with her. However, he understands the psychology of boys and indulges in hard to get. Boys all like Yi Nengjing. Moreover, from his ex husband Yu Chengqing to Qin Hao, his family background is very good and excellent.
So it’s not that Jinsha is not beautiful enough, nor that she has no chance to meet boys. The key is that she doesn’t know how to chat with boys and see that Yi Nengjing is familiar with her and has a plan in mind.
And the boys are very interested in Jinsha. Although Zhang Yuqi has a bad eye for men, most of the people she meets are rich and successful men. Such a man should have more skills to control.
Yi Nengjing teaches Jinsha to chat online. The boy replies to Jinsha with a lot of words, which shows the possibility of communication.
It’s good to make friends with Zhang Yuqi. I don’t know how to be polite. I can help introduce my boyfriend.
It’s good to be friends with Yi Nengjing. Preaching in the program is a disadvantage, but there are many advantages.
Like Jinsha, she likes to be friends with strong people like Yi Nengjing and Zhang Yuqi.
You can learn from Yi Nengjing and communicate with boys, you can learn from Zhang Yuqi to expand your circle of friends, and wish Jinsha get married soon.