883 nurseries now have new crown

Novel coronavirus pneumonia occurred in 883 nurseries in Texas, and 1335 people were positive, according to the US Department of health and human services 6, July 7.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in the United States continues to spread in the United States, according to CNN. Texas parents are worried about whether the child is safe to send to the nursery. According to the U.S. Department of health and human services, of the 1335 cases reported in nurseries, 894 were staff and 441 were children. The cases come from 883 child care facilities currently open in Texas. As of June 6, 12220 nurseries were opened in the state.
It is reported that as of May 15, Texas has reported 59 cases in 53 nurseries. At that time, a total of 36 staff and 23 children were infected with the virus. As of June 15, 210 cases have been reported in 177 nurseries in Texas, including 141 staff and 69 children. After June 15, the number of new cases increased significantly.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia in New York has reached 204694 cases, with 2679 deaths, according to the statistics of the post of the 6 people’s Republic of China.