New crown of infection of newborn triplets

The triplets born in the northeastern state of San Luis Potosi were positive for the new coronavirus within a few hours after birth. They may have contracted the virus in their child’s palace, the Mexican health department said Tuesday.
“On the day of their birth (the 17th), they tested for the virus because they were premature,” state health official Monica Langer told a news conference. The results were positive. “
Only one infant has novel coronavirus pneumonia, and the other two babies may be asymptomatic as well as their parents, the report said. Parents are still waiting for their test results.
Lanhel said it was “impossible” for children to get the new coronavirus after birth because they had been tested within hours of birth.
“That’s what we’re looking at, maybe the virus is spreading through the placenta,” she said. Now we can’t confirm it. This case is shocking and we will study it. “
Mexico’s novel coronavirus pneumonia is in a severe situation. 22 local health authorities reported 4577 new confirmed cases and 759 deaths. The total number of novel coronavirus pneumonia cases has reached 185122 cases and the total number of deaths has reached 22584 cases.