20 soldiers died in India

Late last night, Beijing time, the Indian military said that another 17 Indian soldiers injured in a physical conflict in the valley of garwan died from exposure to high altitude areas below zero, and the death toll of Indian soldiers increased from three to 20. This incident aroused strong repercussions of Indian public opinion.
After seeing the news, Lao Hu tweeted two tweets in the middle of the night, respectively:
First: “this is certainly not the news that a Chinese like me would like to hear. The lives of Chinese and Indian soldiers are precious. India’s political forces, which have pushed these young soldiers into deadly physical conflict, are responsible for their deaths. India has to stop taking border risks. “
The second article: “as many as 17 wounded soldiers in India have been reported dead due to lack of timely rescue, which reflects the serious lag of India’s army in emergency rescue capabilities. This is not a real army capable of fighting on the modern plateau. India’s public opinion needs to be sober. “