Us suspension of Chinese passenger flights

The U.S. Department of transportation issued an order on June 3, saying it would suspend the regular passenger flights between China and the United States held by China Airlines from June 16, involving many airlines, including Air China, Capital Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, etc. Reuters said the U.S. order is to pressure China to adjust its policy and allow American Airlines to resume business in China. The effective date of the order is adjustable.
The order accused the Chinese government of “failing to allow U.S. carriers to operate scheduled passenger air services to and from China and to exercise the full scope of their rights.”. According to the previous flight plan issued by Chinese airlines in June, the order will affect Air China’s Beijing Los Angeles route, China Southern’s Guangzhou Los Angeles route, China Eastern’s Shanghai New York route and other routes.
U.S. airlines such as delta and United Airlines suspended their services in the Chinese market due to the new crown epidemic earlier this year, CNBC said Wednesday, but they have yet to obtain approval from the Chinese aviation authorities. The U.S. Department of transportation said Wednesday that its primary goal “is not to make this situation permanent.” if the Chinese aviation authority can adjust the policy and improve the operating environment of the U.S. airline, the U.S. side is ready to adjust the policy. “.