Anhui responds to exam questions

Anhui higher vocational college entrance examination questions after the opening question outflow.
On the evening of May 31, Anhui Education and Enrollment Examination Institute reported that it had asked anqing education department to investigate and deal with the matter together with the public security organ, which has now locked out the relevant parties.
According to online information, on the morning of May 31, Anhui Province held the 2020 classified enrollment examination for higher vocational colleges. In a QQ group with 58 people, named “171 class groups”, from 9:02 a.m. to 10:02 a.m. on the opening time, a group member named “Li Yong” successively uploaded 18 suspected hand taken math, English and Chinese test papers, and required others in the group “Download the original picture”; please arrange the order. After “Li Yong” uploaded the suspected test paper, some members of the group sent the answers to 31-90 multiple choice questions to the group: “31-40cdabd, cdadd 81-90BDCCB,ABDBC”。
According to the aforementioned circular issued by Anhui Provincial Examination Institute, after the examination in the morning, the provincial examination institute received a report from candidates, reflecting that candidates in a county in Anqing used wechat to transmit pictures of examination questions during the examination, suspected of cheating. At present, the public security organ has targeted relevant parties. The provincial examination institute will seriously deal with the relevant responsible units and parties in accordance with the law and regulations according to the investigation and handling of the case, resolutely safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of candidates, and safeguard the fairness and seriousness of the examination.
According to the previously released information, Anhui Province 2020 Higher Vocational College classified examination enrollment and application-oriented undergraduate college enrollment for secondary vocational graduates cultural quality test was held on May 31. In January this year, the Department of education of Anhui Province issued the “notice on doing well in the enrollment of classified examination of Higher Vocational Colleges in 2020”. It is clearly mentioned that the management of examination and enrollment should be strictly enforced, “in particular, the confidentiality of test questions and the standardized management of examination business in the examination room should be strengthened, and the whole process of audio and video monitoring of key links of examination business should be implemented as required.”
Surging news( )It is noted that in 2016 and 2017, Anhui Province held the classified examination of higher vocational colleges, there was a leakage of test questions.
According to the previous notice on the official website of Anhui Provincial Examination Institute, in 2016, in the cultural quality test of classified examination of Anhui higher vocational colleges, some students passed the QQ group to outflow the test papers with test numbers and spread the answers. Anhui Education and enrollment examination institute responded that the relevant QQ group had been locked and disbanded before the examination, and the test paper outflow department examinees took it out of the examination room when the invigilator teacher was not prepared after the examination. Anhui examination institute will seriously deal with the examinees and the relevant test staff according to the actual situation and regulations.
In addition, according to media reports such as China, in March 2017, a number of local netizens in Anhui Province announced that in the classified examination of Vocational Colleges in Anhui Province held on March 19, there were test questions leakage and cheating in the examination room. Netizens reported that some examinees brought their mobile phones into the examination room, took photos of the inside scenes and papers of the examination room, and communicated with other students through QQ.
According to the investigation results of the event reported on the official website of Anhui education recruitment and examination institute in 2017, the suspects Bao, Zhang and sun are all senior three students of Baozhong high school in Huaiyuan County, suspected of cheating in the exam. Among them, Bao created QQ group for cheating in exams, Sun took photos of the test papers with his mobile phone and uploaded them, Zhang was responsible for answering and uploading the answers. Three people have been taken compulsory measures by the public security organs and are about to enter the judicial process. In addition, Huaiyuan County Bureau of education and sports has held three invigilators accountable, given warnings and banned them from participating in the national education examination this year and the next.