Guan Xiaotong’s wedding dress

On May 29, the latest notice of “running bar” was exposed on the Internet, which attracted wide attention of many netizens. In addition to the original permanent guests Li Chen, Zheng Kai and angelababy, the new season of “running bar” also added new blood Guo Qilin, Cai Xukun and Sha Yi. These people are very interesting. I believe this season will also be interesting.
Huang Minghao and Guan Xiaotong are also invited in the first episode of the program to be broadcast tonight. In the notice, the boys are all dressed in very correct black suits. The most noticeable ones are Cai Xukun, Guo Qilin and Huang Minghao. They bring their own traffic and topics. They all look dignified, very handsome and full of fantasy.
While angelababy and Guan Xiaotong are wearing white wedding dresses, which are very amazing. Although they have similar shapes, they have their own characteristics. Although angelababy has been married and has children, she has a baby face, which is very delicate and beautiful. Her long hair is slightly curled on her chest, and she holds a bunch of flowers in her hand. Her face is full of sweet smiles.
Guan Xiaotong’s wedding dress is short pants with fluffy hemlines at the back, a silver necklace around her neck, and a bright smile on her face. She looks very young and energetic. Although they are all amazing and beautiful, her temperament is different. As a mother, baby’s eyebrows and eyes are full of tenderness and femininity, while Guan Xiaotong feels very innocent.
The theme of “running bar” is life, which makes people experience all the processes of life. It really makes people look forward to it. In fact, after the recording, there have been many Reuters appearances on the Internet, which can be seen that there are many new and different costumes, for example, all the famous brand names have been changed into cute nicknames.
And everyone has different make-up. Angelababy’s forehead is dotted with a mole, Zheng Kai has a fake nose, Cai Xukun has a thick beard and so on. It looks very interesting and funny. I have to sigh that the program group will play.