Female committee member said the reporter took ugly photos

On April 22, it was during the “two sessions” held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. A wechat circle of friends released by a member of the CPPCC municipal committee who attended the meeting triggered discussions within a certain range.
People familiar with the matter told reporters that this circle of friends was issued by Fang Haihua, member of the Wenzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference on the morning of the 22nd. She said in her circle of friends that a paper journalist “took a picture of himself when he spoke” ugly “.
According to the screenshot provided to reporters by people familiar with the matter, wechat’s account named “Hai & Hua” released the following content in the circle of friends: “which photographer in the media took this? I took such a ugly picture of my report to the Secretary and chairman of the CPPCC group discussion yesterday afternoon, and even released it? Can’t we just put a normal one? During the morning meeting, many people forwarded the pictures to say that it’s time for the photographer to pick up the boxed rice? “