People’s Daily Comments on Zhu Zhiwen

“Brother overcoat” Zhu Zhiwen, I don’t know how many people still remember him.
Originally, Zhu Zhiwen was an ordinary ordinary ordinary people, because he loved singing and participated in a talent show to win the championship, which made him popular.
It was a good thing for Zhu family, who had been farming for generations, to become famous. It not only brought more income for them, but also brought more income for the poor family. It was a happy thing.
But no, it’s more like a disaster for Zhu Zhiwen, because he is too kind, too honest, too simple, originally these words should be praise for a person, but these qualities on Zhu Zhiwen have become a weapon for others to bully him.
After becoming famous, Zhu Zhiwen didn’t lose his original intention as a simple farmer. He didn’t define himself as a celebrity. In his heart, he was still a farmer, a farmer who liked singing. He used the money earned by his singing voice to contribute to the road construction in the village.
Originally, it was such a good thing. If other famous entrepreneurs do something good for their hometown, the villagers will be grateful, but Zhu Zhiwen did not.
His kindness and honesty have become a sharp weapon for others to hurt him. He does good deeds for the village. The villagers think it’s right. They regard him as a money spinner.
When a villager wants to marry his daughter-in-law and build a house, he needs to buy a car. If he has no money, he can borrow it from him. Zhu Zhiwen hasn’t refused it. If he borrows it or doesn’t return it, he doesn’t invite anyone to borrow it. If he borrows it five times or six times and doesn’t pay it back, he will end up being cynical and never come back.
It seems that becoming famous has not brought Zhu Zhiwen any benefits. Instead, he has been in constant trouble for so many years without a day of leisure. He has no choice but to say: “if you can, you don’t want to be famous, you don’t want to be a farmer singer, you don’t want to be an artist, you just want to be an ordinary day.”
There’s nothing wrong with being famous, and nothing wrong with being kind, so what’s wrong?
“There is no reason for some people’s hatred. They are mediocre, incompetent and mediocre, so your excellence, your talent, your goodness and happiness are all original sins,” Kono wrote in his “malice”
This is about the relationship between Zhu Zhiwen and those shameless villagers. Zhu Zhiwen became famous by his singing talent and was bullied by others because of his kindness and honesty, which proves the old Chinese saying: “people are good at being bullied, and horses are good at being ridden.”
Too good is not a good thing. Zhu Zhiwen’s repeated concession indulged the wicked.
Recently, Zhu Zhiwen’s family has been kicked open for hot search, which has aroused the attention and hot discussion of netizens.
According to a video released by the public on the Internet, Zhu Zhiwen’s family is surrounded by a group of people. Two men bet whether they dare to kick open the door of Zhu Zhiwen’s family. One man said he would not dare to kick Zhu Zhiwen, which means he kicked open the door of Zhu’s family.
After kicking open the door, I saw Zhu Zhiwen’s helplessness on his face, but he still had to laugh and take photos with others. To be honest, seeing this scene is really angry and laments Zhu Zhiwen’s honesty.
In the face of this situation, I don’t know whether to praise Zhu’s magnanimity or to be pitiful. He can bear all this and don’t know how others humiliate him.
Before, I saw a question in Zhihu: what is the greatest evil of human nature?
There is a highly praised answer: the greatest evil of human nature is to consume the goodness of others.
I think so. After Zhu Zhiwen became famous, he was still grounded, upholding his goodness and doing good things within his own ability. In the early stage of the outbreak of the epidemic, he was accused of giving money as a show. Zhu Zhiwen didn’t care about this. He said that if you think I was making a show or hype, you can also give money as a show with 200000 cash.