The next outbreak is likely in November

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, Wang Taofeng, chairman of the medical treatment expert group of Shanghai new crown pneumonia, Zhang Wenhong, director of the hospital infection division of Huashan, Ge Guorui, chairman of China Chamber of Commerce and Qian Xuefeng, President of Han Li capital, discussed the way of holding the group to warm up in the global economy in the cold winter last night, Knews reported.
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What kind of dry goods about the epidemic brought by Zhang Wenhong? Zhang Wenhong summed up three reasons
First of all, the initial detection volume of the outbreak in the United States is not enough, even if there are some measures of “social distance”, but because we do not know which infected people, so the effect is very small;
Secondly, although we kept a certain social distance, most of the American people did not wear masks, which caused the spread of the virus;
Third, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were not isolated in the early stage of the United States, and the virus spread further.
Zhang Wenhong of American version also tells the truth.
Ge Guorui, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said that Anthony fouch, an infectious disease expert from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, played a crucial role in the epidemic prevention. Ge Guorui compared him to “Professor Zhang Wenhong” of the United States, because he told the real information to the American people and the supervision of the American media, which also made many Americans have more and more profound knowledge of the new crown virus It also strengthens the consciousness of the common people to the work of epidemic prevention.
Anthony Fauci then talked about some unfavorable factors in the US epidemic prevention measures. He said that the governments of each state manage their own affairs within the region, which leads to the inconsistent allocation of resources between the States and the federal government, which also leads to the failure of simultaneous prevention and control of the epidemic in each state and makes it more difficult to reduce the spread speed of the epidemic.
What is the secret of the success of China’s epidemic prevention? Zhang Wenhong: confirm a case, no matter how many people you contact, find all
Zhang Wenhong: China has done a lot of tests. We started to do it on January 20. It’s a saturated test. That is to say, as long as you find one patient, all the patients will be tested free of charge. I’ll give you as many tests as you want. This is a saturated test. I think it’s the secret of our epidemic control this time. Second, we conducted a saturation tracking and confirmed a case. No matter how many people you contacted, even if you contacted 1000 people, we will find them for you. “
Is there going to be another outbreak? Zhang Wenhong: the next wave of epidemic may come in November. These countries are very difficult to survive the next winter
Zhang Wenhong: we will face great challenges after November. I think the next wave of epidemic may come around November. There are outbreaks in South America, Africa and Southeast Asia, so according to the current mathematical model, it is impossible for us to completely eliminate this virus this summer. When winter came, we began to stay at home again and began to gather again. Then at this time, the replication capacity of the virus will increase in winter, so we expect this wave of epidemic. But after the accumulation of the previous experience in anti epidemic, and especially the extensive promotion of diagnostic technology, I believe that the next wave of epidemic is much lower than the first wave in principle. But countries with inadequate medical resources, such as Africa and South America, may find it really difficult to survive the next winter.
How to delay and put an end to the second outbreak? Zhang Wenhong: it doesn’t depend on China, the United States, Europe
Zhang Wenhong: in the end, the control of the world epidemic depends not on the two countries, the United States and China, nor on Europe, but on the countries in the world that are the least able to control the epidemic, whether they are well controlled. Why are there “gaps” in national awareness and measures of prevention and control? Japan, South Korea and Singapore are more vigilant. Zhang Wenhong believes that Europe and the United States pay less attention to self-defense, which is one of the main reasons for the sharp rise in the number of infected people. South Korea, Singapore and Japan have experienced the SARS epidemic. Compared with the United States, they are more alert to the virus. Their alertness is totally different from that of the United States. No matter SARS or mers, it seems that they have nothing to do with the United States. Another one is that wearing masks is more acceptable in these countries. Although Singapore doesn’t seem to wear a mask, its testing is in place.