8 persons from two cruises tested positive

More than 200 passengers and crew members on the two cruise ships owned by the Dutch and American cruise lines have flu like symptoms, with 8 passengers tested positive for new coronavirus, and the two ships will dock near the Florida coast early Thursday local time, CNN reported. However, it is unclear whether passengers will be allowed to disembark.
According to reports, on Wednesday night, Holland America, the two cruise lines, made a final appeal to the federal government and local authorities to allow the two ships to dock at Everglades port in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Holme had previously called on Florida officials to be compassionate and rational in reviewing and approving landing plans. Just a few hours ago, Florida’s governor, Ron de Santis, said the state was willing to accept the arrival of cruise ships and the disembarkation of Florida citizens on board.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia, DeSantis said: “I am worried that we have been working very hard to ensure that there is enough hospital space to prevent a surge in patients with new crown pneumonia. We do not want those valuable beds to be occupied by cruise ships.” “We will be willing to accept the disembarkation of Florida people,” de Santis told reporters, worried about the limited number of beds in the state hospital. As far as I know, most of the passengers are foreigners. “
According to Holme, there are 808 passengers and 583 crew members on the Rotterdam and 442 guests and 603 crew members on the zandan. There are 311 U.S. citizens, including 52 Floridians. There were 97 passengers and 136 crew members on both ships with flu like symptoms. Sick passengers will be quarantined on board until they recover. Only a small number of people need the support of local medical resources to prevent their health condition from further deterioration.
According to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the remaining 1200 tourists are suitable for transportation. The company said that the tourists can take the flight home after getting off the ship, and they will take the sterilized vehicles to the relevant airport, with only “limited personnel contact”.
Fort Lauderdale mayor Dean trantalis said he plans to meet with Holme’s chief executive Wednesday to discuss possible solutions. “We hope these sick people get timely medical assistance,” trantaris told CNN. We have to know how they are segregated and how they don’t infect other members of the community. “
Since leaving the Argentine capital on March 7, four tourists on the zandan have died. At present, due to the port refused to enter, there are more than a dozen cruise ships trapped at sea.
“We are not opposed to ships docking in our community, but the problem is that there is no agreement between the two sides to allow these people to disembark,” said trantaris