The language class of Spring Festival gala will be final

New year’s Eve is coming, and CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala, which attracts the most attention every year, is also in preparation. This year’s language programs are also about to come to a final conclusion. Which programs will finally be on the stage of the new year’s Eve may have results. Sina entertainment exclusively learned that this year’s language program competition is very big, and there are many good works. There are not only popular spring festival galas such as Shen Teng, Ma Li and Jia Ling, but also pop culture this year.
Xiao Zhan [Weibo], who is popular for the “petition”, is expected to cooperate with Xie Na [Weibo] on a Sichuan dialect sketch. And Zhang Ruoyun, who is most recently concerned about “Celebrating more than one year”, will also appear in the Spring Festival Gala to perform the skit, integrating the interest of “Celebrating more than one year” with the skit. It is reported that the rehearsal scene has a good response. This year’s Mingxue in Chinese restaurant is a popular online language. The Spring Festival Gala sketches will also be integrated into Mingxue, and Huang Xiaoming [micro blog] will show up to teach. It’s learned that this Mingxue skit has many laughs and is very wonderful. I hope these programs will finally be on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala.