Wang Sicong emptied micro-blog

On November 4, a netizen reported that Wang Sicong emptied his microblog, but in fact, it was only Wang Sicong who set up a microblog for only half a year.
On November 2, Wang Sicong was once again on Weibo hot search today because he set his Weibo to be visible for half a year. Judging from Wang Sicong’s personal micro blog, it has been set up for half a year, which makes many netizens mistakenly think that he deleted all previous micro blogs. As for why he did this, it is not clear to the outside world, and he did not explain himself.
Some analysts believe that Wang Sicong’s move may be to keep a low profile, because before that, his shares in price capital with 500 million “pocket money” had been frozen, and some sources said that Wang Sicong was preparing for his own entertainment programs.
According to tianyancha data, Wang Sicong, the chairman of the board of directors and holding 100% of the equity of Beijing price Investment Co., Ltd., was frozen by Shanghai Baoshan people’s court. The specific amount of the frozen is ominous. The frozen date is from October 15, 2019 to October 14, 2022. Prior to this, Wang Sicong’s shares in a number of companies as executives or shareholders were also frozen. According to incomplete statistics, the total value of frozen equity under Wang Sicong’s name has exceeded 84.45 million yuan.