Google is under antitrust investigation

WhatsApp, a mobile chat tool that Facebook purchased in the past, and Instagram, a mobile photo sharing tool, have become star social products with more than a billion users. American public opinion also requires the government to split Facebook’s two businesses so as to avoid having too large a grasp of consumer privacy.
The head of the Federal Trade Commission recently said that the anti-trust investigation against Facebook would be completed before next year’s US presidential election.
In addition, the European Commission announced this week that it had launched an anti-trust investigation into Facebook’s proposed digital currency libraries, focusing on the payment of libraries. Facebook has previously said that Libra Dollar does not belong to Facebook and that any company can pay Libra Dollar, but these statements are not enough to gain the full trust of regulators.
Facebook has launched its own digital wallet tool for Libra coins. It is believed that the main purpose of the company’s introduction of Libra coins is to avoid the complex financial regulatory system in various countries and to use its mobile social networking tools to provide Internet financial services and obtain new revenue beyond online advertising.


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