Chongyang Festival

In the late autumn, the weather is colder and colder day by day, even so in this case, not to mention the north. I think. For a while, I spent my time in the solar calendar, forgetting the traditional solar terms, and I don’t know which passage the old Huang calendar should turn to. When I felt really cold, I suddenly noticed that it was nearly Chongyang. Then I suddenly remembered the old 广州桑拿 words “Life is easy to grow old, but difficult to grow old, Chongyang is old, and now Chongyang” hanging on my mouth in those years. Then I suddenly remembered that my grandmother’s birthday had arrived.
I remember a few years ago, when I was with my grandmother, every time on this day, the family is not too big to celebrate this birthday, but also very happy. It is often said that the old people in the family are healthy, strong and strong, and they are the blessings of their children. They are better than anything else. I believe it. So always in Chongyang that day has been happy, like the New Year, Grandma is also a face of laughter. Especially after I finished school, her feet were weighing around and busy.
In retrospect, I spent three years in high school with my grandmother. Now that’s her happiest day. Cook for me every day until I come back from school. It was not until she went to Guangzhou to re-read that year, and later in her reading career, that she was always in expectation and missing. I can’t bear it, but I can’t help it. When I went back to see her during the winter and summer vacation, she always looked at the lane where I came back to my old house, the way I came. When I really saw me, I smiled and took me to the old house with 深圳桑拿网 the envy of the aunts and grandmothers nearby. Then I took out the good food that others gave her and refused to eat, and sat down in the Kang and asked this and that. Every time I think back on that scene, I don’t realize it. I know that she waited for countless days to look forward to her grandson. Although it was only a few days, she still liked it. She continued to talk about her yearning for me for a year, saying “the old three articles” every time, and telling stories that I had already known in my heart.
Now Grandma has left me forever. Every time I go back to my hometown and pass the old lane to my uncle’s house these years, I can’t see her anymore. The green hills are still 桑拿佛山 there, the hometown is still there, I am still there, but there is no grandma’s smiling face anymore. Last year, when I took my wife home for the New Year, the family was so happy that they suddenly remembered her old family. If she was older, they did not see her granddaughter-in-law at last. My heart was almost sad. Although I knew that people could not come back to life, even though I knew that our life would be better and better, and even though I knew that she would know it underground. I will also be happy for my grandson, but I always miss her when I think of family reunion, when I think of filial piety to her when people are no longer there, whenever I see the old people on the street and think of her with tears in their eyes, I always feel uncomfortable.
Every time I went back these years, I stole my grandmother’s grave and cried happily for a time, even though there was no custom of going to the grave on other festivals in the countryside. It is also at this time that I really feel what is called “filial piety and family absence” of the liver and intestines broken. Now I have been working for more than two years, and my grandmother has passed away for nearly four years, but my longing for her has been deepening with the years.

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