The sweet candy in my heart

Between the vaults, a remnant sun obliquely shoots in, warming the evening tea. Suddenly, the mother pushed open the door, came in gently, touched my forehead gently, and asked in a soft voice, “Don’t be angry?”
I was silent, and my mind was still playing back the words I had just spoken to my mother and you. Excessive anger left tears in my eyes, and I fell into the room willfully. And then my mother came to see me again, maybe… Want to humiliate me? I’m holding my head and not going to see her.
When my mother saw that I was silent, she moved a chair to sit next to me. I twisted my body uncomfortably to signal my mother to sit away from me. Mother was somewhat helpless, her eyes were a little starlight. “You are still as angry as you were when you were a child, and nobody cares if you are angry, and you are confined in the room to be sulky. When you were young, you would only grin if you were given candy to eat.
I drooped my head and listened to my mother’s chatter. A breeze blew through the window, and the bell on my head made a crisp and melodious sound. It really made me feel silent. In trance, I remember that when I was young, it was also such a season when the wind bell rang. I hid in my room and secretly wiped my tears for the simple reason that the children next door robbed me of my toys and they bullied me. Dad and Grandma came in one after another to comfort me, but I did not stop crying, but more and more spilled. When they were all helpless, my mother suddenly came in. Her warm smile warmed me like the sun. Suddenly, my mother magically took out a lollipop from behind and spread it out in her hands. I laughed with surprise. I rushed to grab the lollipop and tore it open. It was in my mouth. The bouncing sphere, the sweet juice taste, was my immersion in it. I grinned with an idiotic grin.
Mother still wants to recall a beautiful past, her face is all beautiful, when she finished, see me indifferent to the past, mother’s eyes, stealing her always like this, as soon as talking about my childhood things can not stop. She accidentally gave me a look that happened to be indifferent to my indifferent eyes. She stopped talking. There was endless loneliness in her eyes. She must be very sad. “Mom…” I finally opened my mouth and heard me shout at her. Mother looked at me expectantly. But what does she expect? “Mom, can you stop talking about my childhood? I’m not a kid anymore.” I also felt abrupt when I blurted out like this. My mother’s embarrassing, smiling and not smiling expression made me regret why I had to deny my mother so frankly. My heart was depressed and not very well.
Mother sighed heavily and stood up nauseously. Before leaving, she gave me a meaningful look and hesitated to put down a red bag gently on my desk before leaving. I doubtfully opened the bag and was shocked that it was a delicately wrapped lollipop! Colorful candies twined like rainbows, giving off a faint aroma of fruit. A sudden cluck in my heart caused a row of tears to fall down. “Mom… I’m sorry… I murmured: in your heart, I will always be a child, you will always be my most generous, can let me rely on, I quietly watch the fish in the water, circle by circle, ripple a circle of patterns.

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