Face life with a smile

I once retreated in the face of difficulties. I felt self-pity when I was not satisfied. At that time, I always felt that there was nothing in life that could be passed smoothly. It can be said that very negative emotions filled my whole brain. But a word of one changed me – to face life with a smile.

It was a cold winter, and a thick cotton coat wrapped me, but I still couldn’t feel the warmth. I only felt the biting cold wind plunged into my heart like ice. Because my performance fell into a new low that day, it can be said that it was a step backwards. When I got the transcript, I was burying myself why I didn’t review it carefully. Why can’t I be serious when I was in class? Why can’t I find a solution when I encounter a problem? I always bury my life like this. Just then a figure slid over my shoulder and ran over. As a result, I stepped on my foot, a slap, a fall, and two people entangled on the ground at the same time. This behavior is simply pouring oil on the fire, making me originally The sorrow was a bit more serious, so I screamed at her and said, “What happened to you, walking without looking at the road, eyes are going up?” At this time, the female student kept squatting. Apologize to me.

I took a closer look and found that she was my classmate and sat behind me, but because I usually have a bad temper, I rarely get close to my classmates. She also recognized me. Her eyes were very big, and she turned to the hand where I grabbed the test paper. I subconsciously want to hide behind me, as if this is my biggest secret, she does not mind smiling. Later, she became more and more aware in my eyes, and the emotions in her heart were also subtly changing. When she walked away, she said to me, “I am going to transfer. Can you be a friend?” I was taken aback and looked at her often smiling face. I nodded softly. So in the weeks when she was friends with her, she could be said to be a cosmetic surgeon who had reborn me.

Her enthusiasm, her sunshine, her bit by bit eroded my life. Later, she left and left. She didn’t tell me, and she didn’t tell everyone in the class. Just like Xu Zhimo’s “Farewell to Cambridge”, “I walked gently, just like I gently.” Come, wave your sleeves and not take a cloud.” But her scent seems to be with me until now, and it also infects me. I still don’t forget the sentence that I left on my notebook. The answer to the paper I held is on the yellowed paper. I was red-eyed and covered with tears. It turned out that she was so concerned about me. She had been silently supporting me behind her. She was my back table! I have never realized that you are standing on the bridge to see the scenery and see the scenery. People look at you upstairs.” The meaning of this sentence. The cold wind is still blowing, I am wearing thin clothes, but I didn’t feel that I was cold that day, even if the cold wind blew, I felt the warmth of the sun.

I didn’t cry at the end, I didn’t bury it, I didn’t have self-pity, because I had to start again and change myself. “Let’s face life with a smile.” We didn’t contact us. I heard that my classmates had a good time at the new school. And yes, she is such a beautiful person, she must be liked everywhere, her new life has already begun, then me? It should be started too! I think that should be a good start, because I used to have A “good classmate” she told me to face life with a smile.

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