Single bed fun

I haven’t had relatives to come to the door for a long time. Yesterday, I received a call from Ergu’s milk and said that I would like to come to my new home to have a look. The second grandfather also came. After the call is finished, it will be a bit difficult at once. What about me, what? It turns out that the two aunts and the second aunt are both rural people. It is not easy for them to come to see my family. I will never let them go the same day, so I must keep my heart with my sincerity. My aunt and the second aunt lived for a few days, but if I vacated my big bedroom and let the two aunts and the second aunt live, where do I go to sleep?

Just when my heart summed up this matter, hey, the idea came, because my eyes couldn’t help but settled in the corner of a single bed that was left unattended for a long time, so I had to taste the taste of sleeping alone. I thought as I thought, and sighed silently.

Sure enough, the next night, I slept alone on the single bed. At first I thought: “I have to be guilty of staying in a single bed these days. I have to know that the bed is narrow and small, and I have a chance to turn over. No, it’s blame without sin!”

However, the facts are different. When I really took off my clothes and lay on the single bed, hey, strange, I felt very comfortable. For the first time in my life, I felt that the feeling of sleeping in a single bed was so beautiful.

At night, when I was lying on a single bed, curled up in the bed, listening to the occasional sound coming out of the quiet window, I felt the world’s surprising tranquility, surprisingly beautiful.

A small bed, you can enjoy your own thoughts, you can indulge yourself in a self-centered world, without any interference, think about what you think, love what you love, though, I seem to be alone. The huddle of the hustle and bustle in the corner of the big world seems to be so poor and helpless, but in fact, I am enjoying the joy of one person, the tranquility of one person, the loneliness of one person. When I fell asleep, I was beautiful and dreamed. Sometimes my laughing nose was coming out, and the scorpions were all over the mouth. I took advantage of the quilt and no one dared to provoke me. My game, my turf, my rules.

Woke up in the middle of the night, when I was no longer sleepy, I sat up in a suit and wore a big pajamas and walked around in front of the crib. I found that my mind was especially clear at this time, and all aspects of inspiration seemed to be on the way. It is an inspiration for writing, and various ideas that can’t be remembered during the day can suddenly be remembered and can be whispered.

Drinking a cup of hot water and lying on my little single bed again, my thousands of thoughts were pulled back to reality, and the quilt was tightly covered, leaving the quilt to leave a gap, as if it was also surrounded by the self. That kind of feeling, it’s wonderful, don’t have a lot of fun, the sloppy tossing room, once again stumbled into the dreamland…

In the end, on a small single bed, I spent the world of my own self, and the wonderful world of that side really left a good impression on me. Therefore, it belongs to your harbor, no matter the size, the warmth is good, it belongs to your dreams, no matter how long or short, it is wonderful.

In a small world, in fact, we can also live a wonderful life! Small single bed, unremarkable single bed, I love single bed, and completely fall in love with a unique life that I didn’t care about before!

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