Maradona rescue details

In the early morning of November 26, Beijing time, Maradona, a legend of Argentina, passed away, and many foreign media timely followed up the final details before the king left. According to TYC, a well-known media in Argentina, Maradona only had 12 minutes from coma to death.
Previously, Maradona, 60, has been in poor physical condition. He also underwent head surgery in early November. It can be said that the Argentine player has been in a rather bad situation both physically and psychologically.
At 12:50 p.m. local time on November 25 in Argentina (23:50 Beijing time), Maradona suddenly lost consciousness and suffered cardiac arrest at his home in San Andr é s. Because of the “old horse” health concerns, his family had arranged for a number of ambulances nearby, and the hospital was the first time to enter the Maradona residence for rescue.
But despite the help of up to nine ambulances at the scene, there was still no way to stop Maradona from leaving. At 13:02 p.m. local time on November 25, Argentina, Maradona failed to rescue and died. A generation of football King left his last life.
After Maradona left, Portuguese superstar Ronaldo also sent his blessing to the legendary elder for the first time. Although Maradona is the compatriots of Messi, the “enemy of life” of President Ronaldo, it can not hide the respect of the Portuguese superstar to Maradona. “Today, I say goodbye to a friend, and the world says goodbye to the eternal genius. One of the best in history. An incomparable magician. You leave too early, but leave an endless legacy and gaps that will never be filled. Rest in peace, you will never be forgotten. “
The Brazilian legend Pele, also known as the king of the ball together with Maradona, wrote for the first time: “it is sad news that I have lost a good friend and the world has lost a legend. I have a lot to say, but for now, may God give strength to his family. I hope we can play together in the sky one day