Only when a man sees a doctor can he know that he is a woman

According to the Daily Star on November 17, a miracle happened in the United States.
A man was raised as a boy from childhood, but when he was an adult, he had a complete set of female reproductive system. In terms of biology, his real gender should be female.
Mikey Chanel, 18, was born with a little legend. When his mother was doing a birth check-up, the results showed that the fetus should be female, but Mikey had obvious male characteristics after birth
At that time, the family members were also shocked, but they just thought that it might be that the prenatal examination was not accurate enough, so they didn’t carry out in-depth study on this, and directly raised Mikey as a boy.
Mikey felt that he was a little different from other boys when he was young. He liked all kinds of feminine things.
At the age of five, Mikey liked to play with her aunt’s beautiful purse and sometimes secretly tried her mother’s lipstick.
“I’ve never behaved like a boy, adolescence is different from other boys, and I’ve always been thin.”
Although there are various abnormalities, Mikey just thinks that his sexuality may be a problem. He once considered that he would simply go to sex when he grew up.
However, a physical examination last year completely changed his life. After examination, he realized that he was actually a daughter.
“Sometimes I feel strange when I pee, so they check my urethra and they find that I have a complete female reproductive system and I can even get pregnant if I want to.”
“I thought it was the doctor who was joking, but they showed me a picture of my uterus, and I was shocked…”
After in-depth examination, Mikey realized that he was suffering from a rare disease called PMDS. This disease is characterized by two sets of reproductive systems in the body, which is male externally but female internally.
Considering that Mikey was raised as a boy when he was young, the doctor suggested that Mikey simply take hysterectomy to completely become a man. Moreover, people with this rare disease are prone to cancer and cancer. After hysterectomy, the risk can be greatly reduced.
But the final examination found that Mikey’s male reproductive system is incomplete, so if he wants to have his own offspring, he needs to use his own female reproductive system.
“I thought for weeks that I still wanted my own children.”
After thinking it over, Mikey made a test tube baby, now four months pregnant.
Mikey was very excited about being a mother. “When they did the test tube, they told me that there was only a 20% success rate, and I won the bet.”
Mikey also hopes that you can be more tolerant of people suffering from this rare disease. After all, although the story is a little strange, it is a normal medical condition. Anyone born with this disease may suffer from it.