Zoo responds to lion drowning

On November 12, netizens revealed that an African lion had died in the Foshan wildlife park in Handan, Hebei Province. The video shows the lion lying in the pool, motionless, with most of his body and mouth and nose submerged.
Zoo responds to suspected death of lion in water pool: sick and drowned
In response, the zoo manager said that there are some wild areas in the park, which are contracted. It is the park that has such a problem. Because the lion was sick and had been sick for a long time. Today, I let it out to let out the wind and bask in the sun. It fell into the water pool and was exhausted, leading to drowning.
At present, the zoo has been reported to the forestry bureau, the regulatory department, and the details will be released later.
According to the data, the lion is the only cat of both sexes in the world. Lions have the largest skull and shoulder height of cats, and males are generally larger than females. The head length of male animals is 35-38 cm, and that of females is 28-32 cm.
Lions were originally distributed in all parts of Africa, South Asia and the middle and near east regions except tropical rainforests. Except Gil in India, lions in other parts of Asia have disappeared, and there are no wild lions in North Africa. Lions are mainly distributed in the grasslands of sub Saharan Africa, so they can be regarded as a specialty of Africa.
In the past, except for the cold and sub frigid zones, lions were found in all ecological environments. Today, their living environment has been greatly reduced. They prefer grasslands and inhabit savanna and grassland, and may also appear in shrubs, arid forests and semi deserts.