Female gun Wang Guangrong retired after 00:00

When the arms and shoulders lose weight, it’s all over… “
This is August 31, Shen mengkefa’s circle of friends, in her way, to say goodbye to the army.
On the morning of September 2, Shen Meng can bring her information to the County Veterans Service Center to handle the retirement registration procedures.
It is understood that Shen Meng was born in shenzhai village, Huzhen Town, Jinyun County. She was a standard girl born after 00. She used to serve in a synthetic brigade of the 71st group army of the army.
At the scene, she took off her camouflage clothes and wore military uniform. She was not tall, but she was tall and straight.
It’s hard to believe that such a skinny girl can stand out from the 80 person sniper training team and become the “gun king” who can suppress male soldiers!
China’s tiktok was reposted by people’s daily, universal characters, China Youth Daily, not only on micro-blog’s hot search, but also on her platform, and she got about 4000000 hits, even became the “WeChat official account” of the people’s daily. 》The cover character of.
Shen Meng can say that glory has become the past and she will continue to write brilliance in her own way in the future.
“I decided to retire from the army because I wanted to realize my dream of University. I didn’t experience a day’s campus life. I’m afraid I’ll have regrets in the future.”
Shen mengke said that with these two years of military experience, no matter what I do in the future, “I will certainly be able to do the best!”
According to her sister, Shen mengke was very self-discipline since childhood, and has been in the class as monitor, deputy monitor and other positions.
“When I was in primary school, I was ready to go to school at 6 o’clock every day. I also insisted on running every day. I was a very self disciplined person.” Such tenacity and high requirements continued into the military career. As the first female soldier to leave the class, Shen Meng can not only recite thousands of messages every day, but also carry a sniper gun to compete with male soldiers.
In fact, before joining the army, Shen mengke had been admitted to university. Her two years of military experience not only tempered her will, but also added confidence to her future life.
“When I learn cultural knowledge well, I may choose to join the army again and restart my military journey!” Shen mengke’s future is still limitless.
“Sniper” Shen mengke, goodbye!
Hello, Shen mengke, a college student!