Run for Monitor

Dear teachers and classmates:
How do you do!
I want to run for the position of monitor. The monitor is the bridge between the teacher and his classmates. I’m very practical. I won’t say anything. If I can be elected monitor, the first thing is to handle the class affairs well. Please believe in my ability, because I will be the glue of teachers and classmates, and will also be a diligent worker bee in class work. I will not be proud of being a monitor. I will listen carefully to the opinions of my classmates, work in an orderly manner, let the class have a good atmosphere, and reduce the troubles brought by class affairs for the busy study and life of junior three. Maybe my qualifications are shallow, but I will learn; Maybe my experience is insufficient, but I will accumulate! I believe in my own strength, but also ask students to believe in my strength, so that I can make my own contribution to the class! Please vote for your precious vote. Thank you!
Today I am running for the position of monitor. I don’t need a grand introduction of myself. One year is enough for you to understand me and have an objective evaluation of me. At the same time, this period also let me know each of my classmates. I believe you will have a correct understanding of my abilities. You will never deny my value from a one-sided point of view. You will treat this election fairly and fairly. I stand here today to say something in my heart to my classmates. I really want to let my classmates know what I think in my heart, so as to better understand my feelings and close the inner distance between us.
As for the management of my class last semester, I think I arrived a lot more than I lost. In many different ways, my weaknesses have been exposed one by one. For example, I always think things too simple, not well-planned and prepared, and because the on-the-spot response is not fast enough, there will be trouble at the critical moment. And in some cases, there are many good ideas that will be terminated because there is no detailed plan. Sometimes, I am not strict with myself. There are some things that are always muddled through, and there is no way to keep improving. Although there are some shortcomings in me, I also have many advantages to be competent for the position of monitor. I have excellent grades, high enthusiasm, cheerful personality and positive spirit. At the same time, I have strong organizational and publicity ability, which is helpful to deal with many classes. I will be open to suggestions from others, and I will put them into real work. More importantly, many years of work, let me accumulate rich experience, can more calmly face the next problems and challenges. In this way, because I understand my own weaknesses and strengths, while recognizing the impact of some problems on me, so I can aim at my weaknesses and improve myself. And because I’ve had enough of these shortcomings, I believe I can make sure I don’t repeat them in the future. Roman Roland, a famous writer, said that only when you believe in yourself, then others will believe in you. I want to have enough confidence to believe in myself. I have the ability to be more confident and lead our class to a new level in a new way. There is no perfect person in the world, I am no exception, but I will try to reduce their shortcomings, but also hope that everyone can put forward my shortcomings, so that I can correctly understand themselves, improve themselves.
For the unfinished work and tasks of last semester, I think I can start over in the new semester. I will give more consideration to students’ideas and put them into action to solve students’ problems as quickly as possible. Like the white board bought at the end of last semester, it hasn’t been used up to now. It’s my failure. But I think in this semester, I can let you evaluate in many ways in a relaxed and happy way, and the results will be published on the whiteboard by the way students like. There is no pressure to fail, but there is motivation to keep students going up. After the beginning of the new semester, we can organize some collective activities regularly, such as debating contest, knowledge contest, recreation contest, etc. This can not only relieve our tense learning pressure, but also exercise students’abilities in all aspects.
Actually, I have more interesting ideas, but I have never really practiced them. It used to be because you didn’t have time and conditions, but I don’t want to let these ideas go to naught because I didn’t have the power in the future.
As Lenin once said, judging a person is not based on his own expression or opinion of himself, but on his actions. I think my classmates will give me another chance to develop and bring into full play those talents that have not yet been displayed. Without trying, how can we know what the result will be? I should make you think it’s worthwhile to make such an attempt. Having said so much, there is one sentence in a word: I cherish the position of monitor very much, and I don’t want to lose it. But the real decision is in your hands. Only the ticket in your hand will make it possible for me to let go. I will dedicate my whole body and mind to this class again.

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