Girl’s response: stumbling and fleeing

On August 17, a tragic incident occurred in Xingtan town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. When an elderly man stood by the roadside, two dogs suddenly rushed from the side of the road. The rope of one of the big white dogs tripped the old man over. The old man landed on his head and fell heavily on the ground. After the old man fell down, a girl came up, took the big white dog back, and quickly ran away from the scene. Some people called the emergency call, and the old man died after invalid rescue.
After the incident, the police issued a notice saying that Xiaoyue, a 12-year-old girl, was not the owner of the dog. She took the dog of Luo’s family out to play. When passing the Luoshui market, the dog suddenly broke free and tripped over mai (88 years old), a villager in the same village, who died after medical treatment. Because Xiaoyue was not 12 years old and did not need to bear criminal responsibility, the police identified the incident as an accident.
After the incident broke out, the girl Xiaoyue became the object of discussion among netizens. No matter it was the owner of the dog or not, Xiaoyue’s indifferent attitude towards the old man who fell down made Netizens feel angry. After the old man fell down, the girl didn’t look at it and took the dog away from the scene directly. Even some netizens think that Xiaoyue constitutes escape and needs to bear criminal responsibility.
For the attitude of netizens, Xiaoyue is also indifferent. On August 19, Xiaoyue first said in an interview, “I don’t care about other people’s opinions. I can evaluate as much as I like. There is no pressure.”. Xiaoyue said that on the day of the incident, she took the dog out after asking the owner’s mother’s consent. After tripping over people, she wanted to quickly replace the dog, so she quickly took the dog away from the scene.
Local residents said that dog owners Luo Mou and Xiao Yue had poor family conditions and were well-known local families with difficulties. Xiaoyue is still a “problem girl” who loves to steal and often goes home in the early hours of the night. Xiao Yue’s father was also not well-known in the local area. He had been idle, drunk and had a bad temper. He was easy to fight with others when he was drunk. He was taken away by the police many times.
Xiaoyue’s father said that he divorced his wife in his early years, and now Xiaoyue and his younger brother are supported by him. Xiaoyue and his younger brother have stolen other people’s things and his money. They also love to play. They often go home in the middle of the night. They used to run away from home. Several times they didn’t go home for more than 10 days. Sometimes they would open a room outside and sleep with others. Xiao Yue’s father said: “I can’t guess her. She dares to confront me directly for fear of her temper. She even threatened me with a knife and said that she would jump out of a building or a river.”.
On August 18, an old man who died accidentally was buried. Considering the family conditions of Xiao Yue and his dog owner Luo, the family members of Mai do not need them to bear the responsibility. However, some villagers said that Luo gave Mai’s family more than 10000 yuan in compensation. Xiaoyue’s father said that the dog was not his own and would not compensate him. After that, he did not see the family members of Mai and Luo.