Self made rocket by college students after 2000

Recently, college students made their own solid rocket
The successful video is on fire
At present, the video has played more than one million
There are more than 6000 bullet screens
It’s shown in the video
A rocket from independent design
To fluid simulation, manufacturing, testing, control
And the whole process of final launch and recovery
“A cloud piercing arrow, thousands of troops will meet”
The screen of netizens is on
In the video
A cool rocket with transparent body
Standing in a field waiting to be launched
“The countdown begins
The rocket blasted off with smoke
Multiple camera positions
Showing the momentum of the moment of launch
And the netizens watching the video are not idle
One after another
“Detection results of normal signal tracking in various places”
“The air attitude is normal
Normal tracking in Shaanxi
Anhui remote sensing monitoring is normal
Sichuan normal observation
Guizhou signal is normal… “
At the same time, netizens willingly sent “admiration” and “surprise”
“I’m so moved that I want to cry”
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, too 6”
Then the rocket fell
The parachute opened successfully
The rocket landed successfully and was recovered
There have been several failures
In the future, he wants to send express by rocket
It is understood that the author of the video
Also the designer of the rocket is Liu Shang
Studied in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Aerospace Engineering Major
The rocket designed by Liu Shang is about 96cm high
5 cm in diameter and 3. 1 kg in weight
Different parts used light cured resin, bakelite
Nylon, PC plastic, carbon fiber and other materials
During the outbreak
Liu Shang made the rocket after his online class at home
In the process of development, he has experienced several failures
Model small rocket launch
Failure of solid rocket motor ground test
More than 30 videos on network platform
He has recorded his development process for half a year
Liu shangzeng, still in junior high school, wrote:
The most attractive things to me are model airplane, rocket and chemistry
For seven years, he has been sticking to his love
“My pursuit has never been broken
Hope to turn love into career
Liu Shang’s room
Now, in the face of the successful launch of the rocket
Liu Shang said, “I have a great sense of achievement,
But the ultimate goal is to send it by rocket. “