Dong Mingzhu doesn’t know Li Jiaqi

It home news business review news on June 7, in yesterday’s broadcast of CCTV finance and economics “dialogue” column, Li jiaqiweiya had a live broadcast with goods in the same frame, at the same time, the host also connected Dong Mingzhu, and Dong Mingzhu also answered the question why Gree’s live broadcast sales didn’t find Li jiaqiweiya.
Dong Mingzhu said that she didn’t know Weiya and Li Jiaqi, and no one knew the products better than her. Weiya thought that they were more neutral to stand in the third party to see the products, while Li Jiaqi thought that they knew the consumers better. “It’s the consumers who pay, not the people who make the air conditioner,” he said.
It home learned that compared with the live broadcast sales data of Li Jiaqi / Weiya, Dong Mingzhu had a poor performance in the first live broadcast, but quickly caught up in the later stage: during the live broadcast in Jingdong, the turnover exceeded 703 million yuan, setting the highest transaction record in the history of live broadcast of home appliance industry. The Kwai live broadcast was 3 hours and the turnover was 310 million.