Jilin cases find the source of infection

According to the people’s daily, on May 19, in the introduction of confirmed cases reported by Jilin provincial health and Health Commission, case 3 and case 4 were returned to Jilin. Many netizens found that at that time, the official did not report that they had a close contact history with the confirmed cases, so someone interpreted it as “broken chain” of the epidemic. On May 20, officials reported preliminary findings that the two cases were related to the confirmed case 2 reported on May 10.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia has been interviewed by the leading group of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia in Jilin recently. People’s Daily reporters have made a clear response: the infection source of the two confirmed cases has been identified, and the “chain breaking” theory does not exist. The details are as follows:
Q: case 3 and case 4 reported on May 19 did not report that they had close contact with other confirmed cases at that time. Is the source of infection clear at present? Can you introduce the specific situation?
A: through the joint investigation of multiple departments, the confirmed cases 3 (Jiang XX) and 4 (Zheng XX) reported on May 19 were infected by the confirmed cases (Jiang XX) reported on May 20.
The confirmed case reported on May 20 (Jiang) and case 9 (Hao) reported on May 10 and case 1 (Liu) reported on May 10 were at the snack night market in the South Campus of North China University from 20:00 to 22:00 p.m. on May 2 at the same time. They had a common exposure history. Jiang fell ill four days after exposure.
A novel coronavirus pneumonia case (3 cases) was reported in May 19th, and 4 cases were confirmed by Zheng (a). In May 9th, he returned home from Shulan and lived in the confirmed case in May 20th (Jiangmou). The disease occurred in May 14th and May 15th respectively. The incidence of exposure to the disease was 5 days and 6 days respectively, which accords with the transmission characteristics of the new crown pneumonia.