Liu Jiang dies

Liu Jiang, an old actor from Bayi factory who once played roles in “tunnel battle”, “Sparkling Red Star” and “breaking through Wujiang”, died this morning at the age of 95.
Liu Jiang was born in 1925 in a poor family in Harbin. He went to the society early to make a living. He once worked as an apprentice and as a post and telecommunications department worker. Liu Jiang was fond of literature and art when he was young, and he was particularly interested in films and plays. At the age of 16, he joined Harbin Beidou amateur experimental troupe. He played a minor role in the drama “the night before the incident”, “a letter of 100000 yuan”, “escape” and “sorrow at the end of youth”. In 1946, the Northeast Democratic United Army liberated Harbin, and Liu Jiang joined the literary and art work group of the Political Department of the Songjiang military region. In opera and Yangko dramas such as “white haired girl”, “mutual aid between the army and the people”, “wounded by Niu Yonggui”, “harvest”, “Qian Yongfu’s home”, he has played various types of positive and negative roles, such as soldiers, squad leaders, instructors, landlords, enemy and puppet officers.
In 1958, Liu Jiang was transferred from drama troupe of Guangzhou Military Region to Bayi film studio and began his career as an actor. Over the past 20 years, he has successively participated in the shooting of more than ten films, including Seahawk, Hui people’s detachment, Chifeng, breaking through the Wujiang River, Ordos storm, cauliflower, tunnel battle, shining red star and huowa. He has successfully created a series of negative characters with distinct personality, and has become one of the famous film actors who are good at playing negative characters in Chinese film circle.
He played captain Li in Chifeng, commander Tang in tunnel battle and Hu Hansan in shining red star. When playing the role of Hu Hansan, he mobilized a lot of life accumulation related to this image. In particular, he took as the basis for shaping the characters the atrocities he heard and witnessed in the Northeast sawing war area, such as counter offensive, counter calculation, burning, killing and looting, and the image of a bully landlord and bandit who drank wine from the people’s hearts while suppressing bandits in Guangxi. Thus, Hu Hansan, the image of the restoration maniac, leaped to the screen, leaving a very deep impression on people.