The convalescent beat up the medical staff

At about 23:00 on March 30, Hanchuan Public Security Bureau Weibo @ Ping An Hanchuan issued a police information notice, saying that on March 27, it received a report that there was a doctor-patient dispute in the CT room of the new people’s hospital.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia (male, 68 years old), Chen (male, 49 years old), is all new crown pneumonia rehabilitation, and is now at home. They had CT Reexamination in Hanchuan people’s hospital. They had a dispute with Huang Mou, a 32-year-old doctor in the CT room, because of the queuing problem. Huang Mou was injured.
According to the forensic examination, Huang was slightly injured, and the Public Security Bureau has decided to detain Li and Chen for 10 days.