Wang Junkai’s New English Song

Wang Junkai’s 20-year-old single “Ain” t Got No Love was launched on the line. For the first time, he tried all English songs and tried different music styles. He also showed more possibilities. The new songs are bright and the high-pitched parts are amazing!

Wang Junkai’s new songs show a very strong professionalism. From lyrics, composition and composition to producers, the producers are all produced by well-known foreign musicians. Moreover, Wang Junkai’s English songs were highly praised by many parties, and they only rose to the top in the music list when they went online. The fans exclaimed: It’s so nice!

However, this lyric is quite embarrassing, attracting fans to be jealous, mostly lyrics such as “girl” and “love you”, but although it looks like a love song, it actually contains a very important meaning. The story is not strong, but the emotions expressed are very strong. The main explanation is an attitude of reconciliation with oneself. In contemporary society, we hate being different, we are tired of being dominated, and we are doing our best for life, only to be able to restore ourselves to the maximum.

In fact, this also reflects the status quo of the star Wang Junkai. He is in a complicated entertainment circle. He has too many involuntary things. He also uses songs to express his attitude indirectly. “It is relatively inferior to change attitudes and Self-reconciliation, after falling into a dead end, while turning around, you will find that everything is fine, with family members and friends meeting, these are full of warmth. In life, we should also be like this, learn to get along with ourselves, reconcile, learn to turn and embrace the sun.

However, while marveling at the new song “Ain” t Got No Love, the fans also paid attention to the song title and lyrics, lamented: confirmed eyes, but also a song that could not be learned. It is estimated that when Xiao Kai sang on the stage, Fans can only be “ahah” below!

Stunning! Wang Junkai English New Song Is such a nice and strange style determined to be Xiaokai singing?

Since the debut, Wang Junkai’s singles are not many, but each capital records his progress and development in music. On the eve of the 20th birthday, Wang Junkai prepared a single, “Growth” for the growth, gratitude and companionship for the fans. Although the style of the song is very simple, it only expresses the inner feelings in a way of telling, but the voice is gentle. The feeling of coming slowly leads to empathy.

On the eve of his 19th birthday, Wang Junkai issued two new songs, “My” and “Wake Up”. It is worth mentioning that the two songs are very different in style, one is lively and cheerful, and the other is quiet and lyrical. “My” is like a confession with a loved one. The whole style is full of romance and sweet taste, and Wang Junkai’s gentle tone adds a sweetness.

“Wake Up” is a song that Wang Junkai himself likes very much, because it tells the psychological activities of Wang Junkai when he can’t sleep at night. In fact, everyone will have more or less insomnia nights. During this time, they will talk to themselves and reflect on themselves. Whether they are words or songs, the listeners will feel the resonance.

Prior to this, Wang Junkai and Jay Chou were used as the lyricist Fang Wenshan’s “I am in the Immortals”, and Li Ronghao’s “Little Mink”, which was composed by Li Ronghao, is a very unexpected collaboration in the music industry! Wang Junkai has his own opinions on music. He collects records, learns vocal knowledge with his teachers, and learns and works on his own. Although he is an idol, Wang Junkai has been running on the road of music. This is his initial heart.

The singer Wang Junkai is expected to be in the future, and he is looking forward to the new singles after Wang Junkai.