Chinese Women’s Basketball Team to New Zealand

September 24, 2019 Asian Women’s Basketball Cup will begin in Bangalore, India. On the first match day, Chinese women’s basketball team will welcome the first opponent of the group competition, New Zealand women’s basketball team. Tencent Sports will be broadcast live from 20:15. Here are the prospects of Tencent Sports for you.——
The Asian Cup of Women’s Basketball 2019 will be held in Bangalore, India, from September 24 to September 29. Eight teams will compete in Class A of the Asian Cup. Eight teams will be divided into two groups. The Chinese women’s basketball team is in the same group as Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines. According to the competition system, the two teams who won the first place in the group will go directly to the semi-finals, while the second and third teams in the two groups will compete for the remaining two semi-finals. Another team includes Japan, South Korea, India and Taipei, China.
The lowest team in the Asian Cup A-level competition will be relegated to the B-level competition, while the other seven teams will join the B-level champion in the Asia-Pacific preliminary competition of the Olympic Games. Since Chinese women’s basketball team can hardly rank eighth in the competition, they will certainly appear in the Olympic preliminary contest, and any place in this Asian Cup will not affect the qualifications of the Olympic Games.
The Chinese women’s basketball team has just released the list of 12 players for the Asian Cup, namely Han Xu, Yang Liwei, Li Yuan, Wang Siyu, Liu Jiacen, Wu Tongtong, Shao Ting, Gao Song, Guo Ziqian, Li Yueru, Chen Mingying and Shi Xiaoye. Han Xu and veteran Shao Ting, who play in the WNBA, will be the core figures of the Chinese women’s basketball team. Li Yueru, who is known as “O’Neill for Women”, and Yang Liwei, who has strong impact, will also be the key players for the Chinese women’s basketball team.
It is worth mentioning that Li Meng and Sun Mengrun, the main players of Chinese women’s basketball team, were absent from the Asian Cup because they were preparing for the 7th World Military Games in late October. Huang Sijing and Zhang Ru were not included in the list of 12 Chinese women’s basketball players because of their injuries.
Review of confrontation
Since their first appearance in the Asian Cup in 1976 (formerly the Asian Championship), they have won 11 championships, but their last top in the Asian Cup goes back to 2011. 2017 is the first time that the Asian Women’s Basketball Championship has been converted into the Asian Cup. China’s women’s basketball team lost to Japan in the semi-finals, and finally won the third place.
In the Olympic women’s basketball competition, the Chinese women’s basketball team and New Zealand had two confrontations. At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s basketball team lost 77-79 to New Zealand. At the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s basketball team won 80-63 over New Zealand. In the history of the Women’s Basketball World Cup (formerly the World Championship), the two teams have never had a record of confrontation.
New Zealand women’s basketball team has played in the Asian Cup since 2017. In the last match, Chinese women’s basketball team met New Zealand in the group match and won a big victory with 77-48.
Prewar deduction
China’s women’s basketball team has a high advantage in the interior. Han Xu and Li Yueru, the “two-tower combination”, will bring a lot of pressure to New Zealand’s defense. Han Xu is undoubtedly the most anticipated player by Chinese fans. Last season she played for the New York Liberals in the WNBA league. Although she did not play much time, her level has also improved. Whether she can play a dominant role in the Asian Cup remains to be seen.