What is the impact of typhoon swordfish on Guangdong

After the restructuring of the tropical depression structure in the South China Sea in the early morning of September 3, Typhoon Swordfish (Tropical Storm Level) No. 14 of this year was strengthened and landed on the coast of central Vietnam, with its center in Laos at 0800.
Affected by typhoon Lingling, Swordfish will wander along the coast of Vietnam in the next 24 hours, slowly turning northeast on the 4th, reaching the southeastern sea level of Hainan Island, and tending to the sea level of Guangdong on the 5th and 6th.
Affected by it, there were moderate to heavy rains and local rainstorms in Western Guangdong and Pearl River Delta cities and counties from 3 to 4 days.
From 5 to 6 days, there were heavy rains in southern cities and counties, local heavy rains, heavy rains in other cities and counties, local heavy rains.
Heavy rains hit the Pearl River Delta and Eastern Guangdong counties, Heyuan and Meizhou on July 7.
There are 6 to 7 gales on the sea level of Guangdong from 3 to 4, and the wind on the sea surface of Guangdong will continue to increase from 5 to 6. In addition, typhoon Lingling will tend to the east of Taiwan and move into the East China Sea on the 5th. Affected by Typhoon Typhoon, the route and intensity of Swordfish are still uncertain. Please pay attention to the latest forecast and early warning, and do a good job in defense work.


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