Countdown to the World Artificial Intelligence Congress 2019

Liu Cixin once described a beautiful world in which children can easily learn, engage in diplomatic activities and even maintain social functioning with the help of artificial intelligence. The world is called the “supernova era”.
When the time pointer pointed to 2019, A.I. has quietly enabled numerous industries to take root in Shanghai, blossom and bear fruit. A.I. +Education, A.I. +Justice, A.I. +Medical, A.I. +Consumers… As Liu Qingfeng, chairman of the board of science and technology university, said, “2019 is the first year of large-scale application of artificial intelligence. In 2019, we will “see the future” in Magic City.
This feast focusing on the most influential scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of global intelligence is about to begin in Shanghai, the World AI Congress 2019. With this wave of artificial intelligence, let’s take a tour of the real version of the “Supernova Era”, and experience how the artificial intelligence technology of CTU Xunfei can enable Shanghai to be a dynamic and innovative city.
No.1 Use A.I. to let children win under the same blue sky
Talent cultivation is the top priority. How do children receive quality education in their daily lives? The answer given by Shanghai Yangjing Juyuan Experimental School is that students’basic knowledge of artificial intelligence is a necessary condition for qualified citizens in present and future society and the basis for students’ lifelong development. On this basis, the school has created the first A I Innovation Laboratory for children and offered courses related to AI, hoping to train them to “measure” the world with A.I. eyes.
The delegation of King Edward VI School is experiencing AI courses.
At this point, the same goes for the children of the Supernova Age. The children living here can experience firsthand the high-tech products such as Alpha Egg, Super Brain Magic Box and the lively and interesting courses of AI features.
More and more applications and products in the “Supernova Era” are also spreading in this magic… Now Shanghai Xianxia Senior High School and other schools have begun to introduce the smart campus system of Xunfei University of Science and Technology.
Due to the limitation of teachers’resources, it has been the pain point of traditional education that we can’t adjust the teaching progress according to the differences of children. Artificial intelligence education makes it possible to teach students in accordance with their aptitude by accurately analyzing the weak points of each child’s knowledge with big data and using all data to speak. Statistical data can be used to illustrate the effectiveness of AI application. This is one of the “three standards of AI large-scale application” mentioned by Liu Qingfeng, chairman of Science and Technology University’s Xunfei.
No.2 To uphold justice, we are never late or absent.
It is very important to maintain the social operation in the “supernova era” through a perfect political and legal system.
What can you think of when we talk about the “Court of Wisdom”?
In your mind, whether there will be such a picture: police officers under the guidance of a system to regulate the input of information such as investigation, forensics, transcripts, judges in the court through this system to obtain sentencing reference in similar cases in the past so as to achieve a fair judgment.
Nowadays, CTU Xunfei has made this picture come true through artificial intelligence technology, not just in fantasy. In Shanghai, the Intelligent Court Trial System named “206 System” has been put into use. The on-site Intelligent Court Trial System of Xunfei provides transcription function, simplifies hands, is more standardized, and judges are fairer. This is a real, visible and tangible case of AI application.

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