Maternal love

The next day, I went to play with my friends in the early wind.
Then the two of us went to play, but then the scene really wanted me to cry! Because I saw two people standing at the door of a family, one was selling dogs, the other was buying dogs.广州桑拿 As far as I know, there are two dogs in their house. One is an old dog, the other is a puppy. The old dog is the mother of the puppy. The puppy is bigger and fatter than his mother. It seems that the two men want to sell the puppy. I saw the puppy snuggling close to his mother. His mother barked at the buyer as if she wanted to bite him. But the heart of the puppy is kind. He doesn’t bite the one who bought the dog. Because the dog knows that he’s also taking them away to make money. The dog yells at the person who buys the dog. Who knows its owner yells at the dog’s mother, but the dog’s mother doesn’t listen to his owner at all. Still barking at the dog, the man who bought the dog was holding a huge forceps, which was a tool for catching the dog. When the mother saw the man holding the forceps, the dog barked more fiercely. I was moved by the fact that her mother was so great. I want to go forward and stop, but I think again, it’s not my dog, and I don’t care what I said. I hesitated for a moment, and finally made a decision, I want to stop, although I’m not its owner. But try it!
I said, “Hey, don’t you two see that people are inseparable?” Why do you want to sell it? Although it is a dog, it also knows how to be sentimental and righteous. Since the moment you started raising it, it has assumed that you are its owner and never betrayed you. Didn’t you ever hear that dogs are the most loyal? Dogs are our human playmates. Why do you hurt them?”The dog buyer took me up and said深圳桑拿网,”Girl, dogs grow up to eat dog meat. Besides, how can dogs compare with people?”I said,”Why can’t dogs compare with people? Dogs can’t talk to people. What’s the point? Is it not as good as humans? The real meaning of your dog is waiting for the dog to grow up and eat dog meat? Wouldn’t you feel sorry for the dog when you do this? Can you treat the dog as an animal? Don’t you have a trace of reluctance? No trace of distress? No trace of heartache?”The owner of the dog has not yet waited for the buyer to open his mouth. The man said, “I won’t sell this dog.” The dog buyer said, “All right, how can you change your mind?” I added fuel and vinegar to the side and said, “The owner is not selling, what are you doing here?” The dog buyer drove off in a hurry.
The owner of the dog said to me, “Thank you for letting me understand the real meaning of keeping a dog, and let me understand that dogs also have life. Dogs are not raised to buy, they have to eat dog meat.” The two dogs ran around me and wagged their tails. My family used to say that the dog wagged its tail to be your friend. I squatted down and shook hands with his mother.
Today I am so touched by this桑拿佛山. Although dogs, they also have human feelings and friendship. As the saying goes, “Blood is thicker than water” is inseparable between mother and son. Please treat animals equally in the future. Heaven is big, mother love is bigger than heaven!

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