Taste it a thousand times and you won’t be tired of it.

What is to taste it thousands of times without getting tired of it? Maybe I’m a food eater, maybe I’m a food eater. Every kind of food has a different feeling on the taste bud.
Childhood, kindergarten winter school, I walked out of the campus, cold clothes from every gap into广州桑拿, instantly take away the heat on my body, my mother is still waiting for me at the door, I move forward step by step. “Is it very cold?” Mother asked. On the way, the jar in her bag was banging. She took me to the park as usual. We sat on the bench. Mother opened the bag, took out a can of insulating can, and a hot air gushed out from it. Mother handed it to me. I looked at my favorite dumplings. Mother handed me a small wooden spoon. “Eat it, don’t eat it cold again, eat it quickly home.” I cautiously scooped out one. The fragrance forced me to hold my breath, holding the spoon but shivering. After biting half of the dumplings, the stuffing burst in the mouth, and the dumplings were burned stiffly in the body. The cells on the body were aroused, the air conditioning was eliminated, and the hands and feet gradually became aware. Needless to say, I ate only two from three to five. When I was having a good time, I suddenly remembered that my mother hadn’t eaten before. I handed the spoon to my mother, who pushed me again. “I eat one, you are one.” I handed the spoon to her again. My mother still did not want to “watch her son understand, how could she be hungry?” At that time, I was also a glutton. I could not notice 深圳桑拿网my mother’s frozen hands and purple lips. I ate them all by myself.
Grow up in the blink of an eye. In summer, take a sip of Coke. Carbon dioxide explodes in your mouth like jumping sugar. In a moment, there will be a cold rush down your throat, slowly infiltrating into every cell, killing the summer heat and dryness. Every time I finished drinking, my soft teeth and the constant emission of carbon dioxide made me quickly conquered by Coke, but my mother was against it. Every time I go downstairs, I buy a bottle. The most true portrayal is to walk into the convenience store with a fair mind and sneak home with a guilty heart. Back home, it’s all kinds of hiding, all kinds of hiding. In wardrobes, drawers, beds, bathrooms, sofas, air conditioners, I’ve hidden everything you can think of. Helplessly, the devil is always one foot tall and the road is one foot tall. Whenever I look for it in a few days, there’s always an empty bottle in place. Once I couldn’t help shouting at my mother, “Isn’t it just a bottle of Coke, as for it?” Mother in the kitchen listened, a little gunpowder and explosion in her heart. We quarreled, and I said I wanted to drink, but my mother thought it was unhealthy and firmly opposed me to drink. Finally, a bowl made a sacrifice and ended the quarrel. After some time, I hid Coke again, and it was always found by my mother, 桑拿佛山who purposefully changed it into mung bean soup or soybean milk. At first, I always turned it down in front of my mother. Late one night, I was woken up by a button sound and saw my mother boiling mungbean soup in the kitchen. After the soup was boiled, my mother flashed a flashlight to look for Coke in every corner of the living room. After a long time, she finally found it. She gently poured it out, replaced it with mung bean soup and put it back where it was. I looked at it at 1:25.
“Yo, have you finally drunk soymilk?”
“Suddenly I want to be healthy once, that’s all.”
Taste it thousands of times, not only enjoy the taste bud, but also the strong feelings behind it…

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