My interview record

This Saturday, because my mother is going to interview in Fuxing New City, she said that she can take me with me this time. I am very happy.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, my mother and I came to the editorial department of Ye Jialong, where my mother went to work, and then took a car with Xu Bobo from the editorial office to the Jinfan intersection. A bus had already been waiting there. I looked at my mother, Xu Bobo and the driver’s uncle to hang the big red banner for the bus, “Look at Fuxing New City, Youshi Lake Scenic Area”, “Suzhou Property Market”, “Gusu Evening News·Property Edition” to see the RV. I handed them scissors and rope from time to time. Around 9 o’clock, some grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, and aunts came to the bus one after another. I helped my mother distribute a souvenir to them. It turned out that they all participated in the author of the essay.

I was sitting in the first row. To my surprise, sitting next to me was the aunt Lin Xiaohong who was responsible for the children’s program at the Suzhou Broadcasting and Television Station. I used to go to the radio to write her own nursery rhymes when I saw her. In the mother and her conversation, I know that she is now in charge of the property show. In a short while, the bus was full of joy and laughter and came to Fuxing New Town. The sales office is very beautiful. When the adults listened to the general manager and engineer of Suzhou Donggang Group Co., Ltd. to introduce the situation of Fuxing New City, I stood in front of the sand table to enjoy the model of Fuxing New City. When my mother was interviewing, I was always listening, this is a good opportunity to learn to interview.

At noon, everyone came to the hotel to dine together. The dishes are very rich and delicious, I am very happy. My mother pointed to the red hooves, delicious fish and chicken soup and told me that this is the taste of real farm food. It turns out that the farmhouse food is so delicious!

In the afternoon, I also visited the scenic Upper Mountain National Forest Park. It’s a forest park, and it’s lush and green. What makes me happy is that when I was on the shady, beautiful Wisteria promenade, I saw a blue peacock walking leisurely on the grass! In addition to cheers, I found two or three… far and near, there are more than a dozen! Not far away, there is a peacock garden. More peacocks are inhabited there. At this time, a white peacock also walked up to the wisteria promenade and walked side by side with me. When I wanted to get close to it, it opened my eyes with pride. A few children chased the peacock on the lawn, and a peacock flew up. I first heard the peacock’s cry!

My mother and I started to climb the mountain. The mountain road here is very flat. Unlike the mountain, the mountain road is rugged and rocky. I think it is a mountain climb that is called a mountain climbing. Along the way, I kept seeing some brands to remind people not to open the backpack if they saw the monkeys, in case the monkeys attacked. I can see the monkey here, I am excited at once! However, all the way to the top of the mountain, I did not see the monkey, really disappointing! Mom said that the monkey is in the ecological park behind. On the top of the mountain overlooking the beautiful scenery of Suzhou, my heart is really excited: Suzhou City, surrounded by green mountains and green waters, is really beautiful, really big! I stand tall! At this time, I saw a big clock, next to the bell, there was a thick iron rod, and my mother said it was used to hit the clock. I tried to pick it up, ah! Good weight! I tried to slam down to the clock: dong dong dong dong
The experience that once excited me was finally over at 2 pm. In the car home, a grandmother deeply dedicated to a beautiful and lyrical “I can’t talk about Suzhou good scenery”, I gently patted her, and was deeply described by the heavens described in this song. Deeply intoxicated.

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