That summer night

I like to look up at the sky in the summer evening and see the beautiful starry sky. The sky is dark and black, and the millennium black pearls have been played. I looked at it quietly, just as Rose looked down at the sea on the Titanic and felt like she would fly. And I feel that I have invested in this black sky, flying freely in its vast boundless embrace, alone in one piece, enjoying the fun of loneliness. Gradually, the stars sparkled, came out, smiled at me, in the air, quietly accompanied me. I looked at the sky again, and I suddenly had a lot of thoughts. I remembered when I first really liked the stars, it was in the summer. It was the summer vacation of 2003, and I finished the fifth grade. And waiting for me, but is about to get along with the partners who have been together for nearly five years, go to Zhejiang with my parents, that is, the current home.

That night, I and two good partners were lying on the lawn that was usually playing and looking up at the sky. The lights are getting less and less, and the sky is getting brighter. At that age, the most important thing in each other’s heart is friendship. Separation is like cutting a piece of things together in a living knife. We are snuggling together. After a long time, one of the partners spoke. “Do you really want to go?” I trembled in my heart. Turning around, I saw her eyes shining in the light of the stars. So, my eyes can’t help but start to worry. I can’t bear to say, just nodded alone and stayed at the sky.

This evening, we are planning to wait for the meteor together, and then make a wish together, I hope that friendship will continue to live in this world forever, and grow up later, have the opportunity to meet again. But that night, we didn’t see a meteor, but now it is the most beautiful memory of each other’s memories. Because that night, our hearts are connected. It was also from that night that we really realized the friendship and liked the stars. After a few days, my family and I suddenly learned that my grandfather was ill and was not very ill. So I went back to Anhui to see my grandfather who could not afford to be sick. Grandpa was lying in the hospital bed, saw us coming, and smiled. Listening to my grandmother, when Grandpa was in a coma, he always called my name, the name of his favorite granddaughter! Tears rushed up and took up the entire eye. I quickly raised my hand and dried it. I grew up from grandfather and grandmother, until I was seven years old, I went to Fujian with my father and mother. I was very happy that day. When I left, I forgot to say a word to my grandfather!

In the evening, I was lying alone on the bamboo bed in the yard, staring at the sky, and there were many stars flashing in the sky. I remembered when I was a child, my grandfather and I were lying on this bamboo bed. ** With him, raise your hand, squat in your mouth, count the stars in the sky, “1, 2, 3, 4, 5…” gradually fall asleep. At this time, a star is golden yellow, very large, and draws an arc from the front of my eyes. Is it a meteor? I made a wish and hoped that my grandfather would get better soon. Later, Grandpa really recovered and we left. I left my grandfather and left Fujian.

Come on in 2005, we suddenly learned that one night, Grandpa passed away! My mother cried and died, almost fainted, and I was full of tears. So I took a vacation to the teacher that night and went back to my mother the next morning. There was a scene of bleak and seriousness in the room: white cloth, white flowers, a coffin in the living room, and when my grandmother saw us, the tears came out. The grandfather’s photo was hung in front of the coffin and smiled slightly. The coffin door was opened, I touched the face of Grandpa, wrapped in bones, cold and cold, but there was still a smile on his face. Grandma told me that since I left, Grandpa often took photos of my hours and stroked me. When I was very sick, I still called me.

In the evening, I passed the yard and couldn’t help but raise my head. It was a star of the sky, flashing and flashing. Since the winter, I have never seen the stars again. If there is a meteor now, will you still fulfill my wish as I did last time? I bowed my head and a tear fell on the ground. I and my grandfather stepped on tens of thousands of times. Grandpa’s photo is now in my bedroom, facing the bed. Every night, the faint starlight came through the window and came in. Grandpa looked at me with a smile, and I looked at my grandfather with a smile.

I like the starry sky. What is it because of what it contains? I don’t know it myself. It’s just a deep feeling that it is attracting me with a powerful force. The testimony of the friendship, the memories of childhood, the deep affection, the broad black mind, the magical and beautiful meteor, and the lonely happiness, the pain of missing.

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